If you have an extra book laying around and you're itching to create something new, this craft is a prefect way to turn an unused book into art. 

Step 1:

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You can use any type or size of book as long as it is a hardback.
mkearns13 years ago
Thanks for the info, Hickey. Do you know how to spell out words with teh pages? I'd like to find out how to spell "create". thanks!
hi, this is how I did numbers:


but I think you could use the same method for words...
HarrietW3 years ago
i just did this :D you can use it as a organiser for paper and reciepts and things by putting them in between the pages (Y)
Kiteman4 years ago
Defacing books normally makes my skin crawl, but this looks OK.
what if it was twilight?
A book is a book.
you've obviously not read or seen twilight
You're right, I haven't, but I hold with my original comment.
garrett104 years ago
Are you still able to close the book after all of the pages have been folded?
Hickey27 (author)  garrett104 years ago
No, the pages are so thick that you will not be able to close the book.
Browncoat4 years ago
Interesting idea!
Biggsy4 years ago
I bet this would make a great lamp.... well if you worked it out...