Step 5: Fold the Paper Into a Book.

Start folding at one end - the pages will pretty much fall in the direction they should. You can choose if you want the center fold to go up or down, but it's all pretty much final now.
This is just brilliant! Gave it another go after a few years, and had a wonderful outcome. I have no idea how I didn't get it before, this is wonderful instructions and great size for a pocket book. 5 stars
Great 'ible! I made a smaller version out of a 8<sup>1</sup>/<sub>2</sub>&quot; by 11&quot; printer paper and it turned out great! I haven't really drawn anything in it, I just&nbsp;enjoy opening the book up different ways and looking at the&nbsp;shapes the paper makes.<br> <br> 5* and&nbsp;Fave!<br> <br> &nbsp;
Pretty puddy: such an intelligent gaze.&nbsp; I love calico kitties.<br /> <br /> Just a tip: Creasing paper in both directions weakens the fibers.&nbsp; In most uses this doesn't matter, but if you're trying to make a keepsake or heirloom item, it will make a difference to the next generation.<br /> <br /> A better way: use a straight edge (&quot;ruler&quot; in this case<font color="#000000"><font face="Times New Roman, serif"><span style="font-weight: normal;"><span style="background: none transparent scroll repeat 0.0% 0.0%;">) and something with a rounded tip like an embossing tool or bone folder, though some people keep an empty ball point pen around for this. Personally, there's always the risk of picking up the wrong pen or a smidge of ink, so I stick to my wooden&nbsp;letter opener.<br /> <br /> Firmly, run the rounded tip down the line where you want the fold and bend the paper in the OPPOSITE direction -- that is, the crease you made with the tool is on the outside.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> This is especially important with&nbsp;stiff or glazed <font color="#000000"><font face="Times New Roman, serif"><span style="font-weight: normal;"><span style="background: none transparent scroll repeat 0.0% 0.0%;">(shiny) paper which will probably crack if you don't soften the fibers/coating with the tool.<br /> <br /> Hope this helps.&nbsp;<br /> </span></span></font></font><br /> </span></span></font></font>
Cool! I like the cat!!!!!!
mine turned out pretty awesome. i got a huuuge sheet of paper from a Hobby Lobby store for $1.40. i actually used cardstock so it was a little harder to fold but it turned out amazing.
I tried it but I couldn't get mine to really work. Your directions sort of confused me.
I really like this idea but I don't have the right paper for it.
Ah. I've done this with regular printer paper - the size doesn't really matter as much as accuracy in folding and cutting. Even then, it's a pretty forgiving book. Let me know what paper you try it with! Tiggersong
Ok I will try that soon
how do you cut it? your directions don't make sense.
*ponder* Okay. In the diagram in Step 4, the lighter grey lines are the fold lines and the darker lines are your cutting lines. You should cut from the center bottom of the sheet of paper up three 'squares'. Then, cut one 'square' out from the center and two 'squares' down from there to make the "T" shape shown with the dark grey lines. Did that help? (Now I'm worried...) Tiggersong
how much does paper that size cost?because i am in dept and i can only buy very cheap stuff. :(
*smile* I've used regular printer paper for this, before. The book comes out much smaller (as you might imagine), but it's still really cute and fun to do. In fact, it can be niftier to make a miniature version of it. As for how much the paper costs - I used a sheet from a large drawing pad I own, so I'm not sure. However, this really can be made from just about any size paper - it might be interesting to make it from, say, an old map, or a poster you don't want to keep any more. Michael's Arts and Crafts sometimes has paper on sale, if you're really set on using white paper in large sizes. Often that's where I get my drawing pads. Let me know what you go with - I'd love to see it. Tiggersong
I don't get step 4.which way are you supposed to cut it?And how far?:( hermionegranger
why is this in the harry potter challenge? im not being mean, i just mean it has nothing to do with Harry Potter.
I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I put it here because the cutting lines make goats' horns (have you read the last book?) and because, when folded, the book pages are like a maze (and I thought it was similar to [or at least evoked] the Dangerous Maze in GoF). Thanks for the comment. Tiggersong

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