Here I am Sharing with your one of the old trick to create folder lock.
If you want new trick to lock any fil/folder without software(using batch file) then check this >> https://www.instructables.com/id/FolderFile-Locking-batch-file/

Let's start...

Step 1: Open Notepad.

First of all open your notepad.

Step 2: Create File

Now goto the follwing link and copy that code in text are.

and save it as locker.bat

Step 3: Run

Double click on file (Locker.bat) to run

Step 4: Move Data in Locker Folder

You can see another folder name with "Secure" which is nothing but your locker folder>
Just put your data in that folder to lock. and then double click on "locker.bat" then Type "Y" to lock.

Step 5: UnLock Folder

Now to unlock that folder double click on "locker.bat" the enter your password ther hit enter.
[Default password is "mohit" to edit it just right click on "locker.bat" then find "mohit" and replace it with your assword]

Thats done...!!!!

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<p>I tried this but it didn't work as i have many sub folders. Any suggestions on a way to by pass this?</p>
<p>i deleted the bat file accidentally , now i can't open the txt and image filles , those files have lock symbol. is there any solution to open those files?</p>
<p>There is one problem though, the folder is only hidden. If i select &quot;Show hidden folders&quot; the password protected one is shown and i can open it without password. I really need a password on it. Please help!</p>
<p>check the echo it will mabe solve</p>
if anyone will open the bat file using notepad, they can see what the password is.. <br>after locking the folder &quot;Secure&quot; and hiding it, move the bat file to another folder or you can delete it so you'll have no files in that folder.. if you want to show/open the &quot;Secure&quot; folder, move the bat file or create a new one(if you deleted it) to that folder and open it and enter the password..
<p>thank uu </p>
<p>for posting locker pdf</p>
<p>plz help me, i Made what u had said to lock folder. but now i forgot the password entered. how can i access to my folder. plz help me its urgent</p>
<p>Right click the Batch aplication in your picture then pres Edit: it will show the batch code that you typed into the notepad wich should show your password : </p><p>if NOT %pass%==----</p>
<p>can access the secure folder </p><p>just untick the hide protected operating system files option in the folder options and tick show hidden folders .. </p>
<p>can access the secure folder </p><p>just untick the hide protected operating system files option in the folder options and tick show hidden folders .. </p>
<p>Hey ! awesome instructables , got me curious about programming with notepads : P </p><p>Quick question : What would you add to the code to make the folder lock itself when you close the ''secure'' folder ? </p>
<p>If delete bat file what i am do ??</p>
<p>this is the code of folder lock</p><p>copy it in notepad </p><p>(where it is written) if NOT %pass%== <i>type your password </i>goto FAIL</p><p>remove <strong><em>type your password</em></strong> and type your own password </p><p>and then go to file (in the top of notepad) and then save it </p><p>type rename &quot;<em><strong>locker.bat</strong></em>&quot;</p><p>IF YOU LIKE THIS COMMENT PLEASE REPLY</p>
You forgot the p in password... Lol. Other than that nice instructable! ;)

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