This is probably the most simple and productive batch "virus" there is.
It makes infinite folders named different numbers.

Step 1: Open Notepad

To open note pad goto start menu ,and type note then look for note pad. Notepad is a free program that comes on any windows computer it is a lot more powerful than most people think.

Step 2: Coding

Now here is where i say I'm not responsible for anything you do with this... This is for educational purposes only. Now this code is extremely easy. The code is:
@echo off
Md %random%
Goto 1

Step 3: Final

That was over 2,000 files created. That is what it does.
<p>is there a way to make the folders go directly on the desktop instead of in a folder on the desktop</p>
<p>@echo off</p><p>set limit=2000</p><p>set var1=0</p><p>:CreateFolders</p><p>set /a var1=%var1%+1</p><p>md Spam\%var1%</p><p>echo CREATED : FOLDER (Spam\%var1%)</p><p>if %limit% equ 0 (</p><p>goto CreateFolders</p><p>)</p><p>if %var1% equ %limit% goto End</p><p>goto CreateFolders</p><p>:End</p><p>cls</p><p>title Limit Reached!</p><p>echo Limit Reached!</p><p>pause</p><p>cls</p><p>goto End</p>
<p>Where it says &quot;limit=2000&quot; you can change that to however many files you wish for this to create! If you want it to run continuously set it to 0 </p>
<p>@echo off</p><p>set var1=0</p><p>md %userprofile%\Desktop\TestFile</p><p>:loop</p><p> set /a var1=%var1%+1</p><p>md %userprofile%\Desktop\TestFile\%var1%</p><p> goto :loop</p>
<p>It's clever, but I have the following code to &quot;control&quot; it:</p><p>@echo off</p><p>:top</p><p>md C:\BOMBER\%random%</p><p>goto top</p>
<p>What does this code actually do?</p>
Yes, first delete the batch file then delete the files themselves
<p>Very clever. Is there a quick way to remove this, or reverse the effects?</p>

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