This instructable will show you how to make your own foldformed earrings with some basic tools.  The possible designs are endless!  

Step 1: Tools Needed

Picture of Tools Needed
You will need the following tools to complete this project:
1) circle template
2) marker
3) files 
4) 0.4-0.6mm thick piece of coper
5) hammers - rawhide & metal
6) shears
7) anvil or steel plate
8) hole punch for piercing metal, drill or dremel
9) torch, kiln or natural gas stove to anneal copper
Hi great earrings. I have a question. Why do you have the copper covers on the jaws of your vice? I assume it is for protecting other metal that you may clamp with it! Thanks
dorseykm (author)  CherylDunham3 years ago
Thanks for commenting and the jaws of my vice are textured (not smooth & flat). if I don't want to imprint the jaw pattern on the piece I'm working then I have to protect the piece. I used copper because I had it available and rubber is another common material to use. One of the rules I learned for jewelry work is to protect your piece from any accidental marks.
Thanks for your answer, it is as I had suspected. I think I need to cover mine, they are not smoothe either. Thanks again. CD
Travpena4 years ago
instead of cutting out a copper sheet, have you ever tried smashing some pennies?
dorseykm (author)  Travpena4 years ago
No, I haven't tried that. The pennies might be a little thick for foldforming which generally uses thin pieces of copper because the folding provides a lot of stiffness. I'd love to see pictures if you try this technique with a penny.
sunshiine4 years ago
That is what I was reminded of also. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your hard work!
dorseykm (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
Thanks & glad you like them.
These ear rings remind me of precious sand dollars...So cool
dorseykm (author)  NaturalCrafter4 years ago
Thanks for the compliment.
Very cool. I did some metalworking in college, annealing and rawhide mallets and the whole shebang, and this brought it all back. nicely done earings.
dorseykm (author)  ATTILAtheHUNgry4 years ago
Thank you & maybe this will encourage you to try metalworking again.
kdisom4 years ago
Your earrings are beautiful ! !
dorseykm (author)  kdisom4 years ago
Thank you.