How to fold Bath towels

Step 1: Lay Towel Flat on Even Surface (floor, Counter-top, Table)

Step 2: Fold Horizontally In-half

Step 3: Fold in 1/3

Grab top left corner and the bottom left corner then fold over 9 1/2 inches. Then repeat with the right side.

Step 4: Final Fold

Grab the top and fold it down to the bottom of the towel completing the fold of the towel.

Step 5:

Step 6: Fold Again. ..

<p>Excellent. That's exactly right. A lot of laundry folding depends on being able to judge thirds. T-shirts folded in thirds vertically, with the sleeves folded in along the seams where they meet the body-- or, rather, along a vertical line imagined to run from the shoulder to the underarm -- then in half horizontally, are folded perfectly. </p>
<p>I've been doing this fold for years. But good to see others doing the same.</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing photo steps for how to do this! I am doing it all wrong!</p>

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