Picture of How to Make a Folding Book Stand
This is a rather specialized tool, but invaluable to the right person. Its job is to hold a book (either hardback or softback) upright and open to the proper page. As a scholar, I use similar devices all the time when typing text into a computer, looking at images, translating difficult passages--pretty much anything where I want a book open to a page while my hands do something else.

So, if you want to make a special, memorable, beautiful and above all USEFUL gift for an academic, writer, architect, &c., this may be the perfect gift for you.

This particular version is my first attempt at making one myself. It was a gift to my brother-in-law. Since he is a seminary student, and since I had access to a CNC laser, I engraved a Bible passage on the front and a quote from one of his favorite theologians on the back. Yours can be customized however you want--with a painting, a personal note, a favorite poem or quotation, the first line of Beowulf, or anything else you can think of. If you don't have a CNC laser, I'm sure some local business offers custom engraving.

Best of all--despite its appearance, this thing goes together rather simply, and doesn't require any advanced carpentry skills. So let's get started!
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MeredithL21 month ago

Thanks for the thorough tutorial! I really enjoyed the process. Mine turned out a bit different--I was limited by the wood found in my garage and some oversized door hinges, but I was still able to roughly follow your guidelines. It's not as polished, but has a recycled quality that I like.

Scott Garbacz (author)  MeredithL21 month ago
Awesome! So glad you were inspired!
eplunkett3 years ago
This is beautiful. When I get some time I think I'm going to build one.