This candelabrum looks like an unprepossessing block of wood when folded up, but opens out into an interesting array holding 9 tealights (or, with the means of some inserts, 9 regular candles). You can also make a version of this project out of a single piece of 2×4 lumber: see the last step.

Step 1: Design

The design evolved as I constructed it. I wanted it to be easy to make - just simple straight cuts on table saw and miter saw - but had a shape that was unusual and surprising and did not waste any material. The idea was to have a whole lot of nested L-shaped hinges that contained wells in each elbow. It required a series of cuts in a piece of wood of appropriate size, starting with a rip cut, then a cross cut at 2 degrees, another rip cut, a cross cut at 4 degrees, and so on. The pairs of pieces would then be glued together in L-shapes, holes drilled for the candles, and a dowel inserted to act as a hinge. I prototyped it in poplar (shown above) before making the final version in white oak.

walnut stock menorah. 3/8" candle holes, 2° increments. dowel anchored in the bottom piece, pivot covered with brass screw and washer. less clean of a look than the original design, but less likely to snap.
<p>Looks great! I like the brass/walnut combo. Thanks for posting. Premium code sent.</p>
I love your design. I made one for my mom for Xmas. It was a big hit!
<p>The laminated wood looks great! Premium membership sent. Thanks for posting.</p>
<p>This is a great design, I especially like that it comes from one block of timber. I didnt quite have the tools, so used a table saw, simple drop saw and spade bit, but with a bit of tweaking it came out fine. I couldnt source timber more than 45mm wide, so I had to go for 2x 70x70 plantation pine pieces, trimmed them to 55mm width and was judicious about where they 'joined'. Used a reddish oil.</p><p>It made an awesome Secret Santa, apparently I have an order of more for someone else's presents! ;-)</p><p>Thanks for this one, </p>
<p>Really nice! I like the effect you get with knots. Premium membership sent.</p>
<p>really awesome work and an inspiration too... </p>
<p>Great project! Many thanks for sharing!<br></p><p>Today I am going at<br> a party and I thought of making this as a present to the guest. I <br>slightly modified the design with greater width and candles placed on <br>one side.</p><p>I used the second method because I had a block of wood <br>and I thought it would be faster to do it this way. Overall, it took me 6<br> hours, but I am not an experienced wood-worker so this will definitely <br>have an effect.<br></p><p>With a laser-cutter I cut a plane and engraved<br> it for better aesthetic look. It also helps as a stopper for when the <br>drawers of the device are grouped back together. On the back I have <br>engraved another plate with a commemoration logo for the guest. (not <br>shown in the pictures because his name is mentioned)</p><p>Again many thanks for the instructions!!</p>
<p>Great to see a different version! Thanks for posting.</p>
<p>Nice! Many thanks for the free premium membership as well!</p>
This is absolutely cool as can be!
<p>Makendo, I was just looking at the lighting contest, surprised that you were not in there. Any reason? Wow, this would have been a winner, for sure!</p>
Thanks for the kind words. Currently at Pier 9 myself so pretty sure I'm ineligible. Very happy with all the tools at my disposal though!
<p>Awesome design and excellent execution. I'm pretty sure I'll make it but am thinking of using flat aluminum arms and wood for the wells. The metal/wood and light/dark contrast should be interesting.</p>
Sounds cool
<p>I made a candle holder VERY similar to this one, but makendo's methods were easier, and and his was less expensive to make. Just showing some pictures with seasonal enhancements that really dress it up I think. Thanks, makendo, for reminding me of this idea and for your great ideas.</p>
<p>Nice! Beautiful photos. Premium membership on its way. To make it nest, there must be gaps, right (the ends all seem square)? Are there washers on the dowel to let it close with the tealights in, or do you take them out?</p><p>The white inserts for the tall candles are 3D printed (see step 8).</p>
<p>Thanks for responding so quickly, makendo!</p><p>The design as shown requires that the tea light be removed to close up the candle holder into one flat piece. The washers are a great idea though! I'll try it!</p>
<p>this is my favorite kind of design, simple, functional, but most of all inovative AND low cost.</p><p>BRAVO.</p>
<p>Makendo, what are the adapters for regular tall candles--the white plastic things that go in the holes for the votives? What are they called, and where can you get them? Looks like they could make the project more versatile. Love it!</p>
<p>I forgot to say that I made my candle holder years ago, but I continue to enjoy it. Makendo's design would make nice gifts at less cost than mine. I love the menorah idea also.</p>
<p>Love those GIFs :) (oh, and great design!)</p>
<p>cheers Mike</p>
<p>It's perfect!!! great design! awesome</p>
<p>Very nice design idea</p>
<p>Saving this to make soon! Could make nice presents.</p>
<p>agreed. There would be the unwrapping &quot;oh, nice, a 2x4&quot; and the actual discovery</p>
<p>Yes, I thought Menorah also:)</p><p>Make the shortest removable and put it on top (the dowel would stick up 1/4&quot;)??</p><p>TCC:}</p>
<p>Beautiful! I love how you add the GIF's. I'm too lazy to do that for my Instructables! ;)</p><p>This could work as a &quot;flat-pack&quot; <a>Menorah</a> too. Did you think about the wood growth-- If it expands and contracts with heat/humidity, will it still open?</p>
Thanks. I enjoy making (short!) stop-motion animations. Re: wood movement: provided it is the same for all pieces, it will be fine. And the hinge can be loosened.
<p>I love this!</p>
<p>very good</p>
Awesome ! Great job !

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