Introduction: Folding Chair

Picture of Folding Chair

In the net I found a picture , which shows a very interesting folding chair. The special feature is that the complete chair is sawn from a plate (about 90x60cm) and when folded only as thick as the original plate.

Step 1: Planing

Picture of Planing

After the photo I made a drawing with Corel Draw . It took a while to
get it together, but I think I came pretty close to Leo Salom's original (which of course is legally protected, so I can not publish the plan and dimensions here).After I was satisfied with the plan it was exported as a jpg image, this image printed in the poster program in the correct size (image 4) and the nine A4 pages glued together to form the finished template

Step 2: Template Building

Picture of Template Building

In order to be prepared for ev. Demands / structures I decided to do some more work and to build a template. This is made of 8mm beech plywood. Unfortunately,
due to my work obsession, no pictures (which, however, largely correspond to those in the construction of the prototype).

Grind the plate, glue the template on, contour the outside with the band saw, saw out the rest with the scroll saw (picture 1). Difference to the prototype: The contours are sharpened exactly on the lines of the template, all edges are easily broken (picture 2).

Step 3: Saw Chair Parts

Picture of Saw Chair Parts

I have printed out a second template and stuck together. In retrospect, I would have just hang up the template parts and need to trace - but please.
The plate (15 mm birch plywood) was ground flat (Fig. 1), dedusted and the template glued on (Fig. 2).

The outer contour was sawn with the band saw (Fig. 3). Leave some distance to the line. The further saw cuts were made on the scroll saw. Previously, I put holes for the inner cuts (Figure 4). Then the parts were sawed out (pictures 5-9). After all parts were roughly cut I just sawed along the line along.

Step 4: Milling to Measure

Picture of Milling to Measure

On the template parts I stuck double-sided adhesive tape (picture 1). Then
the respectively fitting two parts were glued together and the contours were aligned with the edge milling cutter (picture 2).

It was done quickly on the milling table. The more accurately you saw, the faster the edge milling (in about 2mm supernatant that goes in a milling pass).

Step 5: Assembling

Picture of Assembling

Since it is a prototype, the fittings do not have tobe especially beautiful. In my fund, I found folding hinges, which were partly too big, but quite suitable for the test.The hinges were placed (picture 1) and the screw holes were pre-drilled (picture 2). Screws of suitable length hold the parts together (Fig. 3). A larger hinge fit for the attachment of the seat (Figure 4). It did not matter to beauty, so I just picked screws from my collection box, even if they did not necessarily match (Figure 5). Main thing, they were the right length.Important note: The hinge for the seat must be screwed on the opposite side to the hinges of the support!Whether my thoughts were correct and everything worked as planned showed a first test, which I recorded by video (see video). You see, everything fits.


kenyer (author)2017-12-10

Really nice, I probably going to try it on the laser cutter. I would vote for you, but because I am in this contest myself, I won't. (sorry :P) But is worth it.

coolspencer (author)2017-12-06

where is the template

MKR51 (author)2017-12-05

Great chair!! I have seen several of these, but none of them mention the maximum weight they will support, and I always see 'bulimic- looking' people sitting in them. Maybe the people need to be 'minimalist' in size.

Glumgad (author)2017-12-03

Great work! It looks nice and really easy to store.

I need some folding chairs for my home. I thought about Ikea's folding chair, but I found it not enough reliable. Actually, I am afraid I fall when I am sitting on Ikea's folding chair.

Could you share your experience, please? Do you find this DIY chair is more or less strong then a chair from the market?

nqtronix (author)2017-12-02

I love minimalist designs, great build!

On a sidenote: I think you could publish your drawing, as it not a one-by-one copy, but a reproduction (movie props/ song covers/ copycat food seems to be ok in most cases). Patents may be an issue, but as long as you offer the design for non-commercial use only, it should be fine.

I do respect your decision though, the legal world is super complicated and any minor risk might not be worth it.

Otherwise thanks for the super detailed build instructions!

Porda (author)2017-12-01

This is awesome! Great ible.
We're going to have so much more seating at Maker meetings now.

MrCraft (author)Porda2017-12-01

thank you so much

seamster (author)2017-11-30

This is a really neat design for a chair. Nicely done!

MrCraft (author)seamster2017-12-01


AMbros Custom (author)2017-12-01

very ergonomic design.i really like the concept.

MrCraft (author)AMbros Custom2017-12-01

Thx my friend :)

inconceivable1 (author)2017-11-30


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