Step 3: Templates

You’ll make 2 templates for the two types of triangle, BCC and BAA. Making the template is complicated to describe, so use the pictures for a better understanding.  The base dimension  (B) is 33 7/8” for both triangles.  For BAA, mark points for the base corners of the B edge at 33 7/8” apart, and mark the midpoint of the two.  The estimated apex of the triangle is a point 23 7/8” above the midpoint of B.   The apex needs to be 29 1/8” from each base corner; and the project needs both edges to be exactly the same length for it to assemble well.  You’ll likely have to adjust the estimated apex until you find the sweet spot.  Draw your A edges from apex to base corners and cut out your template with a straight edge.  Repeat this for the BCC triangle with the appropriate dimensions.  Optionally you can include tabs along the template edges as shown.

From the 2 templates you will draw 12 different shapes as shown on the pictures and listed in the cutlist.  The shapes vary by which edges have 1" or 4" wide tabs.
photofreak3 years ago
Please go over the estimated apex of the triangle again, versus your template markings. I don't think 13 7/8" will work as height of apex from base B.

You write an apex height from B of 13 7/8", but the template is marked 23 7/8".
You write an A side length of 28 1/8", but the template is marked 29 1/8"

I will review the measurements from the program you gave us to get the measurements.

I'm gonna do this with my grandsons in about 2 months. Thanks for the instructable.