Picture of Folding Key Chain
I was browsing around on instructable's and came across reconscious Friendly Folding Keychain and liked what he had done and wanted to make my own version with the keys I had but slightly modified it so I could use it with my carabiner that I have to keep them on a belt loop.
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Step 1: The Keys Housing and other Materials

Picture of The Keys Housing and other Materials
Some of the Instructable's I had seen were using a bike tool for the keys.  I was able to find a cheaper version at harbor freight for around $5 that was for hex keys.  it was easy to dissemble and had plenty of spare parts to use as well.  You will need some additional pieces of hardware to:
  • Washers (some that will fit around the shaft of the housing)
  • rubber grommets (same inside diameter as the washers above)
We will cut the grommets in half and use them as a buffering and tension pad against the housing when we are putting it together

Step 2: The Keys

Picture of The Keys
First thing to do is decide on what keys you are going to be putting into the folding key chain.  I am using three house keys and two car keys on mine.  As you can see I went and got copies of all of the keys before hand, I did not want to take a chance of messing up the origionals in case i needed them in the future.  You may see the last key as familiar if you have seen any of my other instructable's.  It was an RFID key I had to make a (cheap) copy of without the RFID chip just to unlocked the doors, you can see the instructable here:
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AllenE1 month ago

what is the thing called that is on the blue key holder linked to the carabiner the little silver thing with the key ring in it

tunney59861 year ago

If james bond had a set of key... Did you have any issues with SC1 key? I did and my hardware store didnt have green (Drats!). I found this KeySmart for $15 and does the job great if your looking for color options

KeySmart (32).jpg
soul_eater3 years ago
It looks cool its like McGiver keys
Agreed although its Macgyver and i was gonna say a dollar to the first person to give me MacGyver's first name but then i thought of how google will make that unfair. Its Angus
so it's Angus!!!
i thought it's Menimis?
was wondering, had he introduced himself like " Menimis McGyver." (then extend the right hand)
I watched the Episode where they reveal that just a few days ago. I have the whole series on my hard drive. He was my HERO growing up.
I knew it was Angus without the help of Google. :) I just remembered the MacGyver Mythbuster's episode.
wazalac181 year ago
nice instructable, i told myself that i'll make one for me so here's at my pocket knife version
sorry i can't seem to (add images) upload my pics here, that's why links were provided instead.
mariodab3 years ago
I followed this instructable and made one of these with the same tool you used but the screws seem to work their way apart. Did you have this same issue? I know I could use locktite to keep them from separating, but then I would have to start from scratch if I had to change my keys out at some point. Any suggestions? Great ible by the way.
Use Loctite blue. I don't have enough experience to be authoritative, but Threadlocker Blue 242 is supposed to be removable with handtools, while the Threadlocker Red 271 is the LOCK FOREVAR version that requires tools and blowtorches to remove.
elco_chan (author)  mariodab3 years ago
I have never really had a issue with then comming loose. instead of using locktite you might be able to try using some pipe tape on the threading to see if it will keep it together.
ozwingchun3 years ago
nice idea. i think one of those with a bump key added to it would be even better
Until you go through a security check and they recognize the bump key for what it is... Then you might have some 'splainin to do.
sanmarr Dizzy492 years ago
I made one of these a few years back out of an allen or torx tool or something I bought at Kragen. I definitely had to expose all of the "blades" when I went through the security checkpoint at Oakland International Airport, but after about three people looked at it, the last one deemed it "neat," handed it back to me, and let me on my way.
I don't think this would work well with a bump key.
bricobart3 years ago
Very nice project, I made one too!
synicasm3 years ago
Hey What is that Cylindrical Shaped thing on the key chain ?
that's a pill bottle. you can find them at walmart
Or at Walgreens. Probably at any chain Pharmacy. I use one to hold minature strike anywhere matches.
If someone has a better pill bottle... PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I have to carry certain ones on my person, at all times, and I hate these plastic types. I had one for a couple of years, but now all I can find is these chrome plated ones! Bah humbug!!
I did see a thing where someone used a pop bottle neck (with lid), dropped in a US nickel, and hot glued the insides... it wouldn't be quite big enough, I don't think... and I don't think the police would believe that I carry that everyday for actual medications. You have to maintain a look of seriousness about pills, around here!

I'm thrilled with this key instructable! My VW key isn't really a key, it's a square block that pokes in the hole... so it won't go on mine... but I'm going to attempt a couple of screwdrivers, and maybe a blade or scissors. It'll be a multi-tool, somehow! Thanks for the many great ideas!
Ballesss3 years ago
Es buenísimo, yo hice el mío y es lo más cómodo que hay.
La herramienta la compré en El Corte Inglés.

aklesh33 years ago
Do you really need the spacers?
elco_chan (author)  aklesh33 years ago
I used the spacers because the screws I used were at a certain length and I wanted more friction on the keys to keep them from folding out when I did not need them.
fsped093 years ago
This was an easy and fun project to do. I used some of the rubber rings, that were used as spacers to identify the keys I need to get into my apartment. I filed slightly on the top and bottom of the keys to hold the ring in place. Thanks!

elco_chan (author)  fsped093 years ago
Awesome Job!!!
wow nice!
fraclet3 years ago
Very good idea. See my steampunk Folding key Chain :)
hey fraclet that's a cool stuff you made there, what if you make instructable on that?
yes! i like that clip-on thing.. need to find one myself now..
chaitanyak3 years ago
thanks for the great DIY, i didn't have one of these multi tools to work with, so just built it from scratch at a friend's workshop :) made it with some aluminum.. learnt how to tap threads for the center hollow rods.. so the screws can fit..
overall turned out to be a fun project

2011-08-18 16.56.02.jpg2011-08-18 16.57.27.jpg2011-08-18 16.57.53.jpg
nice and neat job!
elco_chan (author)  chaitanyak3 years ago
That looks awesome!!!  What are the other keys for the look almost like a newer version of skeleton keys?
He he those are just old style padlocks that i still use for my garage doors and a grsliding grill. I guess they look pretty vintage.. But their quite common here
pakalolo6663 years ago
I'm a Building Tech (custodian) @ a Highschool in CO. I absolutly hate hearing my keys jingle while walking around. I love this "destructable"!!! Went to Harbor Freight this morning. Absolutly had to make one of these! Tweeked it a little bit to hold the amount of key I carry. Thank you!!!
elco_chan (author)  pakalolo6663 years ago
Would love to see a picture of it. Post pics when you are done. : )
elco_chan (author)  pakalolo6663 years ago
If you needed room to fit more keys on it, I know Lowes does sell the internal hex bolts (the bigger bolts and shafts you remove to take everything apart) in different lengths that will work for this project as well if you needed to hold more keys. They are located in their specialty parts drawers in in the nuts and bolts isle.
graywoulf3 years ago
Looks like a grand idea but how do you then know which key fits what? I can only ID my keys for the most part by the tops of them. Of course I can easily tell a car key from a house key but if you have a lot of different house keys and they all for the most part look alike, well I think you see where I am going with this. However, I still think this is a grand idea!
I would probably be able to remember which key is in which position, or your could take a permanent marker or paint and color the underside of the keys, though that would wear off. I've been wanting to make one of these for years, but I hesitate to because it looks like the handle gives a lot more leverage to the key, and I'm concerned I might break a key off in the lock, or wear it out too fast.

I wonder if the author has had any problems along this line.
elco_chan (author)  DavidKaine3 years ago
As for the worry of keys breaking I have found that the rubber grommets I added on actually keep me from applying to much pressure when turning it so it has a little give to it and does not apply as much torque when turning. Other then that I have not had any issues with it.
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