Picture of Folding Knex Bow
stuff 006.jpg
stuff 005.jpg
This is a fully functional K'nex bow I made recently. As you can see from the pictures, it folds up small enough to fit in a leg holster or sheath, which I didn't show here. It's pretty easy to make it by looking at it, so I didn't make step by step instructions. Please exuse my horrible photography, but I'm using my dad's cheesy camera because my batteries died. It will be better in the future.
williamc212 months ago

rubber bands

What kind of string
Good idea! 4*
Again, not bad. It's not very elaborate, but overall it is good. The best I've seen on 'ibles.
heydiddlediddle (author) 2 years ago
Sorry guys, I can't post this. I took it apart a few days ago... just look at the large images. It's pretty easy.
metalsonic2 years ago
i built a K'nex weapon that folds
metalsonic2 years ago
POST NOW!!!!!!!
Looks very good!