Folding K'nex Flick Knives


Introduction: Folding K'nex Flick Knives

About: Just an ordinary guy making knives in his backyard.

These awesome ninja knives flick open and lock with a unique system. Just look carefully at the pictures if you want to build it.



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    Sorry, my reply button wasn't working for the first two days I was on here. I can reply perfectly well now.

    By the way, guns really aren't my style. I might do a flintlock in the near future, but I'll only do that to complete my Assassin's Creed collection.

    hhhmmmmm i thought that i might have seen these before but i guess i was wrong and btw you did a nice job 4*s

    Good idea, but the beauty of the design is the simplicity. I also thing the thing is too flimsy to hold up under a rubber band (but maybe not).