Folding Knex Hanger





Introduction: Folding Knex Hanger

This is a folding clothes hanger made from knex.  it will hold shirts but i havent tried it with anything heavier like a jacket but i think it should hold be able to hold one.

Step 1: Arms

Step 2: Hook

Step 3: Connecting



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Quick question: Does it actually hang? (I'm planning on building this, so you don't have to answer if you don't want to.)

cool: D favouring it due to is pure simplicity :D

I like how you have all these weapons, and in the middle of the a hanger.

When I made this, I added rubberbands and a locking mechanism so I can fold it up, and when needed, take it out and have it spring open and fold out completely. Very cool design to begin with. 5 stars

i showed it to my grand ma when i made it, she loved it
(and was suprissed it wasn't a gun xD)

4 stars! I wonder if this has been done in the commercial world before. May actually be useful.

indeed it has been done, the pic shown is the one ive found that is most similar to the one ive made

folding coat hanger.jpg

sir, can i ask u, how do u make this cloth hanger?! ^^ i wanna try make one...

heh...reminds me of that hanger that one bad guy uses in indiana jones: raiders of the lost ark

Uses basic pieces, works. 5 stars :)