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Introduction: Folding Knex Music Stand

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Oh no, schools back and i dont have a music stand to practice, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!!!

I know...

I can make one out of knex!!!


2 hours later...

Yes, at last, its perfect, and it even folds for easy storage!!!


Step 1: The Bar

Simple, just read the image notes!!!

Step 2: The Holder

Read image notes!!!

Step 3: The Foot

Read image notes

Step 4: Put It Together

Follow image notes!



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    Quite different from mine... I like it! I just think it should have something to stop the paper from sliding off.

    i dont care if it does this idea is awesome! duno why noone else has done this b4 great!

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    im assuming u play an instrument then? what do u play?

    Please vote for my knex folding music stand, its at

    Thanks =-)

    Why did you give the link to a page that you are already on? XD

    Please vote for my knex folding music stand, its at

    Thanks =-)

    k, no prob

    no prob!