This is a folding star that is made out of Knex.

I came up with the idea when i was searching things on Google. And saw a cool folding star.
So then i decided to make one out of Knex.

This Knex star uses very little pieces and is easy to build.

Step 1: Pieces Needed

This star requires very little pieces.


Grey 2-slot --- 16



Green --- 16


Got those pieces? Good, now let's move on.
<p>i did white instead of blue blue is to big </p>
I gotta cooler version instead of the rods being small greens I used the blue rods
i built this and it ROCKS 5*
Awesome definately a 5*
That looks cool.
&nbsp;haha very very cool! *5!
im gonna make it??!<br />
awww man<br /> im not on anyones top....<br /> as in top 20 <br />
5*&nbsp; <strong>AWSOME</strong>
nice NINJA&nbsp;STAR&nbsp;
nice 5*
Now that's cool. And feature worthy.
Thanks, that means alot .
Agreed, any chance of throwing some better pics in? Some of them are a little blurry?
A little late reply but...<br /> <br /> I think they are good enough for the thing you are making.
IN one of my instructables, there are no blurry pictures, all macro and perfect, and my instructions are very good. Whatam I missing?
they look good enough for what you build.
Ok, i will try.
&nbsp;You can use this as a Christmas tree decoration lol , knuckle duster or a Christmas crown like the ones in the crackers. 5* great and fun easy to make gdgd
It opens into a....
Congratulations 4.07*
It used to be 4.38 ( The highest rated one, but it went down... look, maybe you can see this.) That is when i search knex, and clicked rating, as you see it was ahead of IAC's heavy cannon and everything else.
Omg, this is one of the top 10 highest rated knex 'ibles.
Its the highest
highest rsted knex ible
wowh this is cool :D!
Wow, thats cool. This should be featured. 4.5*
Ha this is cool! 5*

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