Folding Knife From Scrap Metal [REMOVED]





Introduction: Folding Knife From Scrap Metal [REMOVED]

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This author, for their own reasons, have decided they no longer want to participate on our site or share their projects. Because they were a finalist in a contest, we are not able to fully delete their account so this has been left behind.

Put it back an I was exited

It is a great pity that some idiots cannot see a knife as a very useful tool. People are much too easily influenced by the media spewing forth a stream of ill founded nonsense about "knife crime" .

You can please delete my account, there are less biased people on the internet.

very sad did they get there prize : (

What happened to the author? He was commenting here yesterday and now it's ible have been removed and the account deleted! What is going on?

I am planing on building a forge and a grinder this summer, i just need to wait till it is warm enough.

You did a great job mate. Doing the best with what you have is an achievement on itself. Keep on working with basic tools - if you can do it with nothing, you'll be a pro with decent tools later. Congrats.