This Instructable is (not!) sponsored by all of those useless, old, rusted files that are wasting your precious pegboard space.

Why not turn them into knives?

I recently built my own Homemade Drill-Powered Knife Sharpener, so I thought I'd try making my first knife. I thought I could make it from a really old file that I've never used, because its steel is is probably hard enough to hold a good edge.

I don't have any of those fancy metal-working tools, so I tried making it with the basic tools that I have.

Let's get started!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Hardware & Materials:

Folding File

Sharpening/Buffing Compound

Chemicals & Adhesives:

Water (Coolant)

Tools (+Attachments):

Wire Brush


Dremel Sanding Stone/Drum

Abrasive Dremel Cutting Wheel

Permanent Marker

Electric/Power Tools:

6-in-1 Woodworking Machine (It contains the Mini Bench-Grinder)

Drill-Powered Tool/Knife Sharpener



Why: I need a knife!

Recommended Safety Equipment: Earmuffs, Respirator, Safety Goggles,

Cost (for me): FREE!

Difficulty: Pretty Hard

Approximate Time: ~3 Hours

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i made the knife, can i get free membership?
<p>Can you please show me pictures of <em><u><strong>YOUR</strong></u></em> knife?</p>
this is when i was buffing it
it took me a long time, but it worked out
i in fact have made this awseome knife

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