Folding Pocket Saw Make From Jig Saw Blade





Introduction: Folding Pocket Saw Make From Jig Saw Blade


Folded Saw uses jig saw blade, a pop rivet with washers and a strip of nylon or other tough plastic.

Step 1: Cut the Handle. Saw a Slot for the Blade (note: Slot Does Not Go Through the Back of the Handle).

Step 2:

Indent in handle serves to pull saw blade out and to prevent hand from slliding when you are sawing.



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    I liked the supporting shoulder. I liked the entire idea.
    Thanks Matin (Morning fr).

    it's alright again bad write up 3 stars

    nice design but pretty bad write up i gave you 4 stars

    Try using an old toothbrush handle. It should make a good saw handle.

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    Also a great way to reuse an otherwise unrecyclable item.

    Very good and very simple. Maybe too simple, but it's good to have one of those too : D I am going to make one of these

    so awesome. i found this blade in a park

    That's me; the same person.

    Neat project. I think I'll make one of these to contain a metal-cutting jigsaw blade or a piece of a hacksaw blade. I occasionally need a small saw for metal pieces and this would fit the bill. How did you cut the slot? The next step might be to to put a sleeve on the handle to hold the blade in place when it's closed for safety. The sleeve could also be used to help keep the blade extended and straight when in use. Perhaps made of velcro or plastic?

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    Turns out that the friction is great enough to hold it closed. The slot was with a saw that was slightly thicker than the blade.

    How about a multi blade tool? I cut the slot with a slightly larger saw blade than the jig saw balde. When the saw is in use I have not found it to want to fold up at all.

    If you have a dremmel tool, or such, you can replace the "ergonomic" plastic handle with a utilitarian piece of galvanized pipe. cut a slit for the blade to pass through, with a cutoff disc, and rivit as normal. you could even crush the end of the tube in a vice(or use a rock for that matter) to get a better , tighter rivit joint. Finish off with an oring of the right size, slipped over the far end, to keep the blade from coming out before it's time.

    you know what? I just bought a pop rivet gizmo on ebay especially so I can make this! Just need to find a good piece of plastic for it now.

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    If you can't fine any nylon, you might try polypropline, delron, baklight, or polyethine. I bought what I used at Allan Steel in Redwood City for cheep but I bet if you keep your eyes open you'll find a scrap peice for nothing some where.

    Indeed, One you can carry in your pocket is very handy. I also like that if I loose it I can quickly make another

    Very nice design, but what do you use it for?