Step 1: African Two-Board Folding Chair

Picture of African Two-Board Folding Chair
These chairs are found all over Africa, at least wherever tourists go.
They're really comfortable, look great, and last forever.
This one is unusually small for the type, but is plenty comfortable.

As you can see from the drawing (picture 4) both boards are 12" wide and 3 feet long.
The slot is 11" from the bottom of the backboard.
The narrow part of the seat board is 4.25" wide.

For more details of construction, check out Jesse's Plank Chair
ronnocoman5 years ago
You can simplify construction. Instead of the hole, cut a slot the thickness of the wood in each piece so they slide together like the seperaters in a cardboard wine case.
baneat5 years ago
You say they're sturdy. If they're set up, will a fairly well made one withstand a 70kg man crashing onto it? serious question, because it looks like it would snap at the join
ashnman2 baneat5 years ago
I made one of these a test piece also out of cheap 1/2 inch plywood. It held my weight no problem. Im close to 200 lbs. I would not use plywood but I had some scrap wood laying around. I am going to make a nice one now with real wood and do some nice wood carving on it,.
Turnpike7a6 years ago
There is a debate weather or not vikings used this style of chair as well
freakmarks6 years ago
do you know if this would work with masonite boards?
dilysalu7 years ago
OH I for got one thing, they are comfortable!!!! and sturdy.
dilysalu7 years ago
POI": I have friends who lived in Africa in many countries, for about 25+ years. The call these chairs Chieftain chairs, since the rest of the tribe sat on the ground. Yes, these were made for the chiefs of the tribe.