Introduction: Folding Workshop Workbench! 折疊式工作臺!

Picture of Folding Workshop Workbench! 折疊式工作臺!

I have a small workshop and wanted a permanent bench that would fold away to allow me to move my bike and BBQ in and out easily... so... here it is. Full video can be seen on YouTube...!

我有一間小工作室,我想要裡面有一張可以折疊的固定長凳,這樣就可以輕鬆地移動我的機車和烤肉架,所以...這就是了。 完整的視頻請見YouTube...!

My YouTube Channel....

Step 1: Hinges! 鉸鏈!

Picture of Hinges! 鉸鏈!

Using old wood and hinges, I cobbled together a custom fit folding workbench. The table lifts up and is locked in place and the legs automatically follow suit!

我使用舊木和鉸鏈,將一個定制的折疊式工作台拼湊起來。 將桌子舉起時鎖定到位,桌腳會自動跟著收起來!

Step 2: Locking Mechanism... 鎖裝置結構

Picture of Locking Mechanism... 鎖裝置結構

So, using an old gate latch, the table can be locked up out of the way.

YouTube video below to show how to make in more detail!




Step 3: Finished Product 完成的產品

Picture of Finished Product  完成的產品

With cross member reinforced table top, hinges legs and a locking mechanism, this may not look pretty but sure serves it's purpose well!

Full how to video below!




PKM (author)2017-09-21

My shed definitely needs one of these. The only problem is I need another shed to put all the stuff from the first shed into when I'm using the workbench. Then that shed will need a folding workbench as well, which means ...

HowardLJTaylor (author)PKM2017-09-25

Hahaha!! - Trust me, I get it!! :-)

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