Picture of Folding knex knife i made.(Credit to dutchwarlord)
Afbeelding 002.jpg
Hey, this is my folding knife.
Please rate it, and let me know if there are some things i need to change.
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Step 1: Piece count.

Picture of Piece count.
Here is a list with a piece count.
There is also a piece count with a photo of all the parts.




Grey(1 slot)=25
Grey(2 slots)=1


Tan clip=16
Blue clip=7
bBue ring=12
Ball sockets:8
(If you dont got ball sockets, you can remove 8 Y-connectors and just build it without them.)
Actually, as long as you pay close attention to the pictures, this is very easy to build! I just finished and it took me only twenty minutes... Its a very good knife and I would recommend this to anyone looking to complete a knife that has some sort of strength towards it.... NICE :DDPPDD
erikos kostarikos (author)  JaymzFlipper4 years ago
Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
I still have this knex knife, i have had it for nearly 2 months now. Normally, I would scrap anything I have built within a week if it is boring or is not worth the time it took to build, but this knife works very well, great job!
erikos kostarikos (author)  JaymzFlipper4 years ago
Thank you very much! :) could you rate it please?
That'd make me happy. =P
Just to let you know. It has been 4 months now and this knife still works fine. Just goes to show how well it really does work.
erikos kostarikos (author)  JaymzFlipper4 years ago
Haha, I'm glad you like it, have fun with it and tell your friends you made it yourself. ^^
instruct394 years ago
looks great, the pictures arent the greatest though
haha sweet me nd ma mate always play cod wars so we can use this blae and alos i have made 2
Haha, ok then have fun!
Thanks for the high rating bro. :D
erikos kostarikos (author) 4 years ago
I want to thank everyone for the high ratings, so THANKS GUYS!!:D
very very very very very very confusing
I know, when I started this I didn't have a good camera and I wasn't that good at Instructables.
thank you this completed my knex artillery
Haha, no problem.;)
FrozenStar5 years ago
Looking at its size i would say it would be better to just be a fixed blade but it still looks quite nice.
stopanator5 years ago
very very bad quality
erikos kostarikos (author)  stopanator5 years ago
just like i said: i know=[
it's just a stupid camera...>=[
erikos kostarikos (author) 6 years ago
is it my eyes or are the pics just very blurry
ponddust16 years ago
could you make it so it dosn,t fold or make a lock or something.
DJ Radio6 years ago
again, you made the knives fold the wrong way.
Looks good. I wouldn't put (credit to dutchwarlord) in the title. Put it in the intro.