Folding Paper Plate Flower Basket



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Introduction: Folding Paper Plate Flower Basket

Step 1: fold the body of the basket
Fold the square in half all around. Fold the two sides in half. Fold the two adjacent sides to make a small square; make four squares in each corner. Fold the four small squares to the shapes of nip.

Step 2: fold the side of flower basket
Prepare four square papers which are smaller than the one above. Fold them to the shapes like the four corners of the square above. Combine the two parts. Unfold the body of the basket.
Tips: unfold the four sides well so that the basket can stand stably.

Step 3: fold the handle of the flower basket and the ending work
Fold a piece of small rectangle shape. Fold the two ends to the triangle shapes. Insert the two ends to the sides of basket.

Paper plate flower basket is not only a decoration. You can also use origami flower basket to fill small stuff. So why not fold one now?



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