Introduction: Follow the Trail

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The game

There are two dices. One with the colors, and another one with how you need to do the trail.

What do you need ?

Wooden beam : 40 x 40 x 40 mm

Colored tapes

Materials : saw, sandpaper, cutter knife

Step 1: Saw the Beam

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We need some cubes from 40 x 40 x 40 mm.

Mark this on the wooden beam, and then saw it to the cubes.

Step 2: Make the Cubes Smooth

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You can use sandpaper or a sander to make the cubes smooth. Make sure there are no loose pieces, which could cause splinters

Step 3: Finish the Dice

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We have one dice with colors and one with words.

Dice with color :

Take the tape, and tape a side off the cube. Repeat for all sides with a different color.

Finish with the cutter knife to make smooth lines.

Dice with words

Take a black pencil and write on each side a different way to walk.

For example: backward, sideways, on one leg, turning around,...

Step 4: Make a Trial on the Floor

Picture of Make a Trial on the Floor

Take all the the tapes you've used.

Make with each tape a different trail.


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