Introduction: Fondant Christmas Tree - Using Daisy Cutters

Picture of Fondant Christmas Tree - Using Daisy Cutters

A fondant Christmas tree made using a daisy cutter

Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
  • Green fondant
  • White fondant star
  • Glitter spray
  • A cocktail stick
  • Small set of daisy cutters in three sizes

Note: Add a dab of water / edible glue to each daisy before adding the next one

Step 2: Cut Out Your Daisies

Picture of Cut Out Your Daisies

Roll out your fondant and cut the following:

  • 4No Large
  • 4No Medium
  • 2No Small

Step 3: Start Stacking - Small Daisies

Picture of Start Stacking - Small Daisies

Using your cocktail stick, start stacking your daisies, in reverse order - always keep cocktail stick in the centre of each piece. Keep one small daisy until the end.

Start with the smallest daisy and place cocktail stick in centre

Step 4: Next, the Medium Daisies

Picture of Next, the Medium Daisies

Once you have added the small daisy, move onto the medium ones.

Keep stacking with the four medium daisies.

Step 5: Finally the Largest Daisies

Picture of Finally the Largest Daisies

Now move onto the biggest four daisies

Step 6: Topping Off Time

Picture of Topping Off Time
  • Place your work onto the surface that you will be drying it out on, with a little parchment paper.
  • Gently remove the cocktail stick using a twisting motion.
  • Add a dab of water and then add your final small daisy to the top.
  • Using a little extra green fondant, make a small, flat-bottomed cone to top off the tree

Step 7: Add Your Small Star

Picture of Add Your Small Star

Step 8: And Finally, a Little Christmas Magic

Picture of And Finally, a Little Christmas Magic

Or in this case, a generous sprinkling of edible glitter

Step 9: Add to Your Cupcake

Picture of Add to Your Cupcake

If you don't wish to add it to a cupcake, you can add them to your Christmas cake or Yule log

Step 10: Update: My Cupcakes

Picture of Update: My Cupcakes


Diymaster25 (author)2016-11-12

this is an awesome craft, im going to do this for christmas!!

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