Fondant Decorated Cupcakes- Under the Sea Themed

At the Instructables HQ, we often like to have culinary show downs for bragging rights and to be deemed the ultimate Instructables chef.  Scoochmaroo, our food editor, has to earn her title and compete like the rest of us for a chance at being the best!

I had toyed with a few different ideas: making the faces of each of the staffer's at the I'ble HQ, 3D muppet heads with gum paste.  But due to a limited amount of time, I opted for the Under the Sea scene!

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HMice2 years ago
So cool! I made an Ocean cake so they go together perfectly!!!!!!
milkyway3123 years ago
Very, very cool. Awesome job.
leeski3 years ago
It's great working at Instructables.. no company has perks likes yummy cupcake contests. although after eating like 10 cupcakes, I hope that next week we have a health challenge to work them off.... Also, My kids get to enjoy the perks...
angelabchua (author)  leeski3 years ago
what have I learned from this? MAKE ALL SHARK CUPCAKES