Step 4: Color Your Cookies!

This should work with any reasonably solid food, but as I said, we used it for our painted sugar cookies.  Be careful not to push too hard when coloring, and be creative!
jerbear19783 years ago
You spelled Ron Paul 2012 wrong. lol
brokahontis3 years ago
That's a great idea! The cookies look yummy! If you don't have time to mess with making the markers they sell food grade ones at a lot of stores. Wally World even carries them by the Wilton Cake Decorating supplies. And they're cheap too. I don't know how long they'll last. Keep up the great work!!
depotdevoid (author)  brokahontis3 years ago
Thanks! I didn't know about the commercially available ones until someone mentioned them in the comments on my marker instructable. Still, it was fun to create these, even if I could have saved some time!