Food Hack - Hassle Free "Poached" Scrambled Egg




Introduction: Food Hack - Hassle Free "Poached" Scrambled Egg

Here's a slightly different technique you may not have tried to make your scrambled egg. Whilst it does turn the classic method on it's head you do end up with a fantastic result, this is not a way of cutting corners and ending up with a sub standard result.

This is a gourmet method being used in restaurants to give you the quality you expect in half the time. Check out the video!

Step 1: Video Recipe

Check out the 1 minute video and you'll never make scrambled egg the same way again!

Step 2: Ingredients / Method

As usual with our Food hacks/tips you really don't need a lot of equipment or ingredients. Make it as simple or detailed as you like, just your usual scrambled egg ingredients and whatever garnish you like to add - EGGS are essential obviously.



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