Food Hack - the Proper Way to Eat Mussels





Introduction: Food Hack - the Proper Way to Eat Mussels

A great little food hack that shows the "proper" way to eat mussels.

Once you watch the video you'll never go back to your old way again - and you get to look smug in front of your friends next time you order a mussel dish!

Check out the video:

Step 1: Video Food Hack: Eating Mussels

Check out the full video here.

Step 2: Description

All you need for this #foodhack is an empty mussel shell. Enjoy!



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    Was at Red Lobster last week, thought I'd try this out.. works great. Thanks for sharing a great idea.

    I bet you looked quite the Connoisseur @grillmaster

    Great idea - and a lot better than just "slurping them out!"

    Haha, yes. Maybe do that when it's just you eating :-)

    Mussels are mollusks, not arthropods.

    Instructables like this one should be forbidden for it is tantalising. It is not possible to buy mussels here and after seeing this instructable I will have nightmares of mussels :)! And yes you are absolutely right eating mussels with an empty shell is the only way you should eat them. Making my nightmares even more worse: How do you cook them with water, wine or beer :)

    White wine or beer, they're already full of water !

    Haha, I thought you were serious half way through that! I use white wine, or thai broth…need to do BEER! :-)

    remember when things like this were called hints, tips, or tricks and not hacks?
    Pepperidge Farms remembers

    I'm with you Beergnome, it's the way things are going - you've got to be seen online so HACK it is :-) Thanks for viewing.