It's a good way, but if you have a big pomegranate, cut it across into two halves.

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Step 1: Watch the Video :)

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Step 2: Cut the Peel on Top

Cut only peel

Step 3: A Little Cut Here

A little cut for easy to get the grains

Step 4: Tap on the Pomegranate

Repeatedly tap on the pomegranate... and grains will fall out

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<p>Very cool &quot; This My favorite food</p>
<p>Best video ever!</p>
<p>That is Me</p>
<p>I am cut</p>
Its better to cut the top and bottom off as close to the seeds as possible without cutting seeds. Then as she does, find the kinda flat piece that sections the fruit in 4s(you will see when you hold it) IN A BOWL/PITCHER PUT COLD WATER AND PULL APART THE FRUIT, WITHOUT THE MESS!!
<p>That is my favorite food</p>
<p>I love pomegranate seeds! I will definitely have to give this a try some time.</p>
<p>In my opinion, Pomegranates are a waste of time and effort for just a tiny amount of pulp and juice from those seeds. Never liked Pomegranates because of this.</p>
Very cool! It also helps if you roll the pomegranate across the counter first with light pressure. It helps break free the arils from the membrane.
I love pomegranate seeds! I'm gonna give this a go next time i get my hands on some. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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