Step 7: Grind

Sand down the excess steel. The flatware handle should be about 2 mm larger than the hole in the acrylic handle.
<p>I will make a set of those.....great idea!!!!</p>
<p>This is awesome! Toolware?</p>
<p>Super idea for a going out on his own gift.</p>
I once saw someone call these &quot;chew-drivers&quot;.
<p>How have we only just found this project!?? This is such an awesome idea!! Just brilliant</p>
this is a fantasmagorious idea.<br>if only i had a heat gun i'd be doing this right now
super fun and whimsical. gonna share with the readers on my blog - we love repurposed and recycled. <br>Michael @ Blue Velvet Chair
what did you do with the old screwdriver heads? I think they could be used for some stuff similar to some of the work of Mrballeng if you want to look him up. Would hammering on the old heads make them flatten or shatter?
Screwdrivers are made of hardened steel; I doubt if you could flatten them much without first annealing the steel. Instead, I would recommend grinding the edge to make it into a small chisel, punch, icepick or such.
I made a great bo shuriken out of an old screwdriver. It's super hard; several times I have thrown it point-first into a concrete wall without damage to the tip. <br>PS: Love your idea.
Great project!! I'm making a full set of these as a birthday gift to someone with a whimsical sense of humor. He will love 'em.
Wow, the working (wo)man's iFork! Nice!
Note to self: make these when you get your own place.
This is brilliant, I would be proud to give a set of these a home in my cutlery drawer and I would giggle every time I reach for a spoon. Love it.
NOW THAT'S A HEAT GUN.<br>Handy if the furnace gives out.
Depending on the brand of handle you are re-using, it could add a whole new meaning to &quot;Stanley&quot; knife.
What are the specs on your heat gun?<br>I do not have one and if in the future I purchase one, I'd like to be able to accomplish stuff like this if the mood strikes me.<br>I just don't wanna buy a Mini Cooper when I should have got a Toyota FJ Cruiser, ya know?<br>
Any Heat gun that goes up tu 450 celsius. Even a cheap one does it.
Ok, thank you very much.
personally i would never eat from my ex screw driver. But if you promise me that all these (spoons and forks) are pretty clear and new then i will try them on my carbonara spaggeti
The perfect spagetti twirling eating tool. Inspired. Nice clean instructable! Keep them coming!
OMG this is brilliant! I'm totally going to do this!<br>I'm envisaging a gift of a small toolbox filled with cutlery!
This is art!
You can buy only the the handles in the shop. Is half of the work!
This is fantastic! My father has a hard time gripping things now that he is getting older. HIs 84th birthday is coming up, and I think this would be a perfect gift!<br>I hope it warms up a little between then and now, and that I can find his heat gun without telling him why I want to use it.
HAHAHAHA thats a good prank to play on someone. ill get you a fork. then pull one out of the tool box!!
Will definitely do that prank.
If you do it right the handle could keep the messy end off the table cloth! Well done.
This is just hysterical, also GREAT ! ! ! Well Done ! ! !
This is an absolutely brilliant idea. fanstastic. I want to make myself a whole set!
Fathers day is coming lol My pops is a electrician/handy man... Im going to make this for him. He is going to love it!
So simple and so cool. Great gift idea for my gearhead friends. Thanks.
Gotta love it, although a service for eight would take up a lot of drawer space. Good way to re-purpose screwdriver handles
Wicked man!!
Great idea!
really great look ! This would also help people with grasping difficulties. Thank you for sharing !
Beautiful! Love it!

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