Step 5: Other Side

Repeat the process on the other side. It's not as easy with your non-dominant hand, so be careful.
<p>You look awesome, man :) There was a time as an adolescent when I wanted one but not everyone can pull it off</p>
I think they're lovely at any age, but it helps to still have hair on top!
<p>Where the hell can I get that rad shirt?</p>
I don't think they sell that particular shirt anymore but it's a stable of wrasslers:<br />http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/wrestler-t-shirts/reno-scum.html
<p>never thought about tape, great idea</p>
Jaja! Now, you look so <strike>cute</strike>&nbsp; <strike>smart</strike>&nbsp; <strike>hot&nbsp; </strike>good!<br> Steps 9 and 10 are the more important!<br> :)
If you could tape together what you cut off perhaps you could sell it to us hair challenged people.. <br>
I would not use Gaff (gaffer's) Tape. I accidently got some in my hair once, and iit was really painful to get out.
Thanks for the tip! I'll edit the Ible accordingly.
Your title is &quot;Foolproof Mohawk&quot; but you forgot that as soon as you are done, you MUST great everyone you meet that day with &quot;I Pity the Fool&quot;
HAhah . Could put the left over hair on dbl stic tape and hand it out to Fools , so they can be worthy too . =)
Step one: Ensure you have the cojones to wear a Mohawk<br>Step two: Follow the 'ible<br>Step three: Wear with pride!
da skrimp coverd in earl!!?
id try to shave down the middle one too,coz if its to ling itl look kinda weird
I did not think this was going to work nearly as well as it did. Well done!
HAHAHA honestly, this is the same method my friends and I used when we shaved my mohawk over a year ago! honestly it does work AMAZINGLY WELL, gives a nice evenness to it which we found a bit difficult to come by
nice method man. now spike it with spray adhesive.

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