Step 7: Optional: Touch Up

If you want to shave down to the scalp, use your razor's sturdy trimmer to knock the remaining hair down a little, and then use the razor to make it all smooth.

The technique here is to make an L with your other hand. Smooth a section of your mohawk sideways, until your index finger is just barely covering the edge of the mohawk. Then run the trimmer/razor along your finger, taking care not to run it off the end of your finger.

Your razor's design will determine the proper position for your hand. Keep feeling around for sections of stubble that need shaved, and use your other hand to protect your mohawk.

It is easy to miss stubble near your crown or on the back of your head. Patience and practice, and checking with a hand mirror or a pal will enable you to get it all. If you don't, your mohawk will probably cover it up until it grows out in a day or two anyway. Don't get impatient or wild with the razor! That's how you get a sawtooth mohawk.
<p>You look awesome, man :) There was a time as an adolescent when I wanted one but not everyone can pull it off</p>
I think they're lovely at any age, but it helps to still have hair on top!
<p>Where the hell can I get that rad shirt?</p>
I don't think they sell that particular shirt anymore but it's a stable of wrasslers:<br />http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/wrestler-t-shirts/reno-scum.html
<p>never thought about tape, great idea</p>
Jaja! Now, you look so <strike>cute</strike>&nbsp; <strike>smart</strike>&nbsp; <strike>hot&nbsp; </strike>good!<br> Steps 9 and 10 are the more important!<br> :)
If you could tape together what you cut off perhaps you could sell it to us hair challenged people.. <br>
I would not use Gaff (gaffer's) Tape. I accidently got some in my hair once, and iit was really painful to get out.
Thanks for the tip! I'll edit the Ible accordingly.
Your title is &quot;Foolproof Mohawk&quot; but you forgot that as soon as you are done, you MUST great everyone you meet that day with &quot;I Pity the Fool&quot;
HAhah . Could put the left over hair on dbl stic tape and hand it out to Fools , so they can be worthy too . =)
Step one: Ensure you have the cojones to wear a Mohawk<br>Step two: Follow the 'ible<br>Step three: Wear with pride!
da skrimp coverd in earl!!?
id try to shave down the middle one too,coz if its to ling itl look kinda weird
I did not think this was going to work nearly as well as it did. Well done!
HAHAHA honestly, this is the same method my friends and I used when we shaved my mohawk over a year ago! honestly it does work AMAZINGLY WELL, gives a nice evenness to it which we found a bit difficult to come by
nice method man. now spike it with spray adhesive.

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