Make a foot operated remote control for your HHB Portadisc MDP500 minidisc player. I use this in my puppet shows as I generally use two glove puppets and have yet to try growing a third hand.

The HHB Portadisc comes with a 'remote' socket, already for transport controls to be implemented in any form you like.

The HHB Portadisc has a rather useful pause after track function, so that I can keep pressing pause to cue the next track.

Step 1: The HHB Portadisc

The MDP500 is a minidisc player that will record and play minidiscs. It has a useful pause after track function (auto pause) that allows you to play a track then have the unit go straight into pause ready to play the next track as soon as you hit the pause button. Just perfect for cuing sound effects and music intros.

I bought this specifically for my puppet shows and to record audio for some animated stores I was working on at the time.

You can see in the second picture the socket labelled 'remote'. This is where the remote plugs in.
Nice! Looks like you put a lot of work into it.
nice minidisk player :3

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