You have to look fabulous for the game and a normal french manicure is a little too classy, but this isn't :)

Step 1: What you Need and Clean Up Your Nails

  1. Brown Nail Polish
  2. Green Nail Polish
  3. White Nail Polish
  4. Toothpicks
  5. Top Coat (Optional)
Clean up your nails by getting any old polish off and by filing the tips so they are rounded, not flat.
Perfect for game day!
Yes yes!
These are just so clever!
Thank you! They were fun to do!
<p> Oh very nice !<br> <a href="http://v-vk.ru/" rel="nofollow">vk</a></p>
cute :)
Thank you :)
Love this! Me and Sailormoon22491 (my sis) are always doing nails
Thanks! I don't do my nails very often so I forget how fun it is!
Ingeniously CUTE!!! ;-D
Thank you! I don't usually do more than paint my nails one color once in a while so it was fun to do something really different :)

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