Picture of Football sandwiches
so... i was thinking about what to submit into this contest, and since i love being creative with sandwiches, so  i decided to make a sandwich that looks like an american football !
hope you enjoy it !
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
well.. it's pretty simple.. all you need is :
- toast
- cheese
- ham or turkey

- a knife

Step 2: Toast

Picture of Toast
Cut the toast just like it's shown in the picture !!

Step 3: Turkey

Picture of Turkey
well i used turkey.. so here's what you should do :
Cut it the same size as the toast you cut earlier and put it just on top of it.. :)
ps : ham works just the same way..

Step 4: Cheese

Picture of Cheese
Finally decorate using cheese as it's shown in the picture and enjoy ..!