I've converted a cordless drill and an ancient pedal from a sewing-machine to work with my cordless powertools in order to have a better drill/screwdriver/polisher/etc and my workbench.

Step 1: What I Used .. What You'll Need.

1. cheap cordless drill
2. scavenged pedal from sewingmachine
3. misc. screws, cableties, contactcement etc
<p>Can't identify the foot pedal. A standard sewing machine unit doesn't have a spring, only a wiper assembly. Any advice on what type/mfg this pedal is?</p><p>thanks!</p>
<p>Great idea, exactly what I need for my mouse sander! :&not;)</p>
I tried to use a similar idea to power a lathe but I found the speed control was not smooth. You did nice job with the instructable for the foot pedel.
Thanks. Yeah, I've noticed that to. I think it's the cheap controller so prolly you could use a better one.
I assumed you'd be adding a footpedal into the power cord of an off-the-shelf rotary tool- this is much cooler! Just the DIY rotary tool made from the guts of a cordless drill would merit its own Instructable.
Thanks, I'm glad you like it :) Yeah, I imagine this would be useful for all sorts of stuff. The rotary tool is really easy, just unscrew everything else and there it is.

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