I had an original plan to be something else for Halloween, but then because of time constraints and school decided to go with an easier project, a head of myself.  Sorry about the low quality images... only got my webcam working at the moment.

I forgot to mention this, but I got the idea from this guy: Eric Testroete, who apparently got it from someone else but I saw his so I'm gonna stay with that :P

Someone pointed out that there was already an instructable for this so I'll link him on here as well: Real Life Big Head Mode

Step 1: Ingredients

Items needed:
3D program - modeling and able to export OBJ file
Pepakura - to change the OBJ file into cuttable paper images
100 lb cardstock - needs thick paper so that it'll hold the shape
Sharp scissors and Xacto Knife - for cutting paper... be careful
Super Glue/Hot Glue Gun/Double stick tape - to put all the pieces together

Optional items:
Resin or Casting Plastic - to harden the helmet
Foam Padding
This is awesome! I think I saw someone do the same thing to some game characters, that would be cool to do for a costume :P
haha thanks :D Friend of mine did this with a lego head XD
XD I would make a steve head from minecraft and go as him :P
I've done both! nice tutorial!
Woah...i wanna have a big head... oh wait i already do...PSYCH... really good idea!
Modge Podge Matte finish would also work well for coating the outside to finalize and protect the helmet. Cool instructable.
Modge Podge what now?? :D I shall look it up :D.... hmm... interesting... never seen this stuff before... I shall try it out on my next project :D thank you!
I find white glue is the best for gluing the tabs, unless you are in a small hard to get to part. It gives you a little more time and is smoother.
good to know thanks :D
No problem. <br>Halo 1 helmet and X-wing helmet later, I wish I knew that then.
Now that's what I call original! Awesome idea, man!
sry to say this Clonebear... but u shud read the other comments
actually, I should have written this on the instructable, I saw this:<br><br>http://www.flickr.com/photos/dutchct/sets/72157622591528101/<br><br>which inspired me to make it... I'm gonna go do that now...
I like it I like it, you can use outdoor carpenters glue, it dries clear as does white &quot;Elmers&quot; glue , the out door stuff sets hard and clearand won't soften. It does have a yellow tinge , and if clear coat is desired then use white glue and a double coat of matte finish varnish to seal it.<br><br>That should keep for years. I could be wrong but heck give it a try. Also you could print out on regular paper and glue onto cardstock. BUT copy centers are very reasonable so one must consider them, versus your cost.<br><br>great instructable
I thought Step 3 was &quot;Profit&quot;.. lol =)
nice! reminds me of that converse ad. yknow, like the &quot;all summer&quot; song where theyre running around with these masks on.
Haha, I nearly died laughing! This is genius!
That's awesome! I'd like to try and make something like that with a little pulley system to raise and lower the eyebrows.
OOh! sounds rather interesting :D Let me know of any updates!

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