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I had an original plan to be something else for Halloween, but then because of time constraints and school decided to go with an easier project, a head of myself.  Sorry about the low quality images... only got my webcam working at the moment.

I forgot to mention this, but I got the idea from this guy: Eric Testroete, who apparently got it from someone else but I saw his so I'm gonna stay with that :P

Someone pointed out that there was already an instructable for this so I'll link him on here as well: Real Life Big Head Mode

Step 1: Ingredients

Items needed:
3D program - modeling and able to export OBJ file
Pepakura - to change the OBJ file into cuttable paper images
100 lb cardstock - needs thick paper so that it'll hold the shape
Sharp scissors and Xacto Knife - for cutting paper... be careful
Super Glue/Hot Glue Gun/Double stick tape - to put all the pieces together

Optional items:
Resin or Casting Plastic - to harden the helmet
Foam Padding
farmerboyk2 years ago
This is awesome! I think I saw someone do the same thing to some game characters, that would be cool to do for a costume :P
MastaAzumarek (author)  farmerboyk2 years ago
haha thanks :D Friend of mine did this with a lego head XD
XD I would make a steve head from minecraft and go as him :P
I've done both! nice tutorial!
Woah...i wanna have a big head... oh wait i already do...PSYCH... really good idea!
wdpk424 years ago
Modge Podge Matte finish would also work well for coating the outside to finalize and protect the helmet. Cool instructable.
MastaAzumarek (author)  wdpk424 years ago
Modge Podge what now?? :D I shall look it up :D.... hmm... interesting... never seen this stuff before... I shall try it out on my next project :D thank you!
NaesDraw4 years ago
I find white glue is the best for gluing the tabs, unless you are in a small hard to get to part. It gives you a little more time and is smoother.
MastaAzumarek (author)  NaesDraw4 years ago
good to know thanks :D
No problem.
Halo 1 helmet and X-wing helmet later, I wish I knew that then.
Now that's what I call original! Awesome idea, man!
MastaAzumarek (author)  Biohazard11944 years ago
sry to say this Clonebear... but u shud read the other comments
Not original another insturctable member created this a couple of months before he did.
MastaAzumarek (author)  Biohazard11944 years ago
actually, I should have written this on the instructable, I saw this:


which inspired me to make it... I'm gonna go do that now...
I like it I like it, you can use outdoor carpenters glue, it dries clear as does white "Elmers" glue , the out door stuff sets hard and clearand won't soften. It does have a yellow tinge , and if clear coat is desired then use white glue and a double coat of matte finish varnish to seal it.

That should keep for years. I could be wrong but heck give it a try. Also you could print out on regular paper and glue onto cardstock. BUT copy centers are very reasonable so one must consider them, versus your cost.

great instructable
brandon92714 years ago
I thought Step 3 was "Profit".. lol =)
Allonsy4 years ago
nice! reminds me of that converse ad. yknow, like the "all summer" song where theyre running around with these masks on.
rhoddity4 years ago
Haha, I nearly died laughing! This is genius!
Turpis4 years ago
That's awesome! I'd like to try and make something like that with a little pulley system to raise and lower the eyebrows.
MastaAzumarek (author)  Turpis4 years ago
OOh! sounds rather interesting :D Let me know of any updates!