video For Your Cat!
Narrated by a Cat, this video shows you how to turn an old mini-RC car into a toy that will dive your cat crazy, and then embarass them later... ;)
catfish235 years ago
 maybe add a little bit of catnip on the tail...
But then the cat might eat it!
I am considering making  a similar thing for my cat, who loves string, so I will have string dragging behind.
pls6 years ago
terababy7 years ago
I am cray :) ok, I will make one for my kids
Meetze7 years ago
I am such a scared-e-cat that would terrify me meow But I bet my "person" would be amused for hours purrrr
awoodcarver7 years ago
Didn't need to change the body here , just run the car and the cats pounce , the dog barks at them .......maybe if I add a mouse body they will leave it alone and I can run the cars ...nice video
babblin5 (author)  awoodcarver7 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad you all have enjoyed it... it was fun to make 8)
That video was funny lol, I'm a dog guy though
Bongmaster7 years ago
hehe u can buy them in the local pet shop here :D i'l investigate weather its cheaper to make one tho .3
i did the same as LUCCHINA, i rated (+) and favorited.
LUCCHINA7 years ago
Very nice toy ! I just wonder if its adaptable with a carrot... It's for my horse ! Rated and favorite...