For those people who build Radio Controlled aircraft

video For those people who build Radio Controlled aircraft
4 how to tips to help you make your own control horns, linkage stoppers and large wheels.
rickharris (author) 1 year ago
Small update for those who want to use the idea but don't want to drill larger holes in servo horn or the control horn.
stopper 2.jpg
rimar20001 year ago
Interesting ideas. These stoppers can be found in some electric plugs, with even the little hole already made. You can see a sort of them in step 6 of There are others with an axial screw at one end.
rickharris (author)  rimar20001 year ago
Great! if you can find one ready made go for it - in the UK our electrical plugs are slightly different and mostly sealed onto the end of the cable these days.
Yes, these are still of those with only two legs, I use them often. New plugs (since many years) have three legs, without these stoppers. At home and workshop I installed all "bisexual" power outlets to allow using both type plugs.