De la misma manera que me ha pasado otras veces, un instructable de Phil B me ha motivado a publicar este.

Como aprendiz de soldador, y sin profesor que me ayudara, me he tenido que enfrentar con un montón de problemitas y dudas, que a veces me han obligado a ingeniarme para salir del paso.

Uno de los peores problemas es acostumbrarse a la careta protectora (al menos esas baratas), sin la cual es impensable ponerse a soldar, pero que lo introduce a uno en un mundo de limitaciones y molestias inesperadas. En el presente instructable muestro algunas modificaciones que le hice a la mía y que luego de casi dos años de uso han demostrado ser útiles.

As usual, a Phil B’s Instructable inspired me to post this one.

I’m a learner welder, have no teacher, and I´m always leading with doubts and little problems wich forced me to look for creative solutions.

One of the worstest difficulties has been the adaptation to the use of mask. The welder mask is uncomfortable (at least those cheap
), and offers you plenty of limitations and unexpected troubles.

In my Instructable, I show you some useful modifications I made to my mask 2 years ago, and still in function.

Step 1: The glasses (los anteojos)

Muy buena la idea, a mi tambien me molestan los reflejos cuando sueldo, voy a probar lo de la goma EVA. Mi careta es de las fotosensibles, un poco mas comodas que las comunes, pero igual tengo que usar anteojos, ya que es peligroso soldar con lentes de contacto.<br><br>Very good idea, the reflects are very annoing to me too, I will try to solve it qith the EVA. My mask is photosensitive, a little more comfortable than ordinary, but still I have to wear glasses, it is dangerous welding with contact lenses.
Gracias por el comentario, notingkool, y me alegro de que te resulte interesante. <br><br>Thanks for the comment, notingkool, and I'm glad you find interesting.
Osvaldo, you are very clever to install corrective lenses in a welding hood. Several decades ago I know some serious photographers had a corrective lens made to go over the viewfinder of their cameras. It eliminated what was called &quot;The Eyeglass Problem.&quot; I appreciate your comments about sun shining in from behind.
Thanks Phil. In effect, that simple mod do a great advantage. Sometimes I don't take away the mask to do some little tasks between weldings.
I have been appreciative of all of your welding 'ibles because I am taking a welding course this summer up in Maine. I have learned much from your 'ibles already. Thank you.
Thanks Nina, I am glad to be useful, to you or others.<br> <br> I put some suggests at the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Learning-to-Weld/">Phil B's instructable for beginner welders</a>, one at Jun 3, 2011.&nbsp; 7:36 AM and other at 10:01AM. I think they are useful, too.<br>

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