Introduction: Forced Air Heater Under $100 DIY Wood Frame

FIGHT HIGH HEATING OIL prices and save money for other things like paying your mortgage or refinancing your home. Hope this helps:-) Note: Look T THE VIDEO RESPONSES THEY ARE VERY GOOD! This is a prototype easy to build rooftop forced air heater that produces 45 degree increases at a high CFM CFPM rate. This one is made out of cardboard. A real one can be made out of weather proof material COROPLAST.


solemnraven (author)2014-02-15

Pretty cool, but how well does this method work during the night?

permutation-jim (author)2012-09-03

This approach looks pretty interesting... using air for heat transfer instead of the standard water/oil.

I know with my shop-vac (Earlex brand), a fair amount of heat is generated when the machine is under load and a lot of it comes out outlet port. It might be interesting to have one thermometer on the air leaving the vac and another on the air leaving the air-frame, just to measure the difference.

Also, assuming it wouldn't overload the unit, this would be a great approach to combine with, say, a whole-house built in vacuum system. The compressor/air-mover would (I assume) be much more efficient, in terms of air displacement/energy used and it would do double duty, in terms of heating AND helping to keep the house clean.

As well, it would have built-in air filtration, ensuring that the roof-unit wouldn't get clogged with airborne dust and debris.

Great food for thought!

-Permutation Jim

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