Ford Explorer Ham Radio/Scanner Installation





Introduction: Ford Explorer Ham Radio/Scanner Installation

This was a fun project. I wanted to design a clean center console mount for a couple ham rigs, scanner, speaker, and ScanGuage. The console cover was cut on a DIY CNC machine I built within the last year. The mounted radios are set in a $10 junkyard donor insert. I still have to connect power and antennas. Thanks for taking a look.



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    nice looking radio set up mark n8wzw

    My cousin worked for the State Health Department. His Chevy Tahoe had a bank of six radios with a console set up like this. While yours is not professional it's darn close. Wish I had that console in my Chevy Avalanche. Excellent job and if you ever decide to hire out let me know!

    do you have pics showing the pieces and perhaps drawings?? it looks good but I'd like to see a little more detail before I steal ypur idea! ;)

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    Thanks for your comments. Wish I had more notes to share, I kind of build things on the fly. I tend to sketch things out on scraps of paper and then adjust to fit as I go along. It's a pretty straight forward build though. The hardest part was the sides. I made some templates out of light cardboard and then transferred that to pine and cut out with a jig saw. If you give it a try feel free to ask questions along the way.