Picture of Forever And Ever Ice Pack
This easy ice pack will last forever....and ever.
Okay- not forever, but 10+ hours for sure with no protection from the elements.

Sure, you can use them in a cooler for easy cooling without costly bags of ice that only last for a few hours with a few easy steps and a couple of bucks.
We use it for transporting meat and to cool meat rabbits and farm animals during the summer months.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Picture of Gather Your Supplies
We used:
* 3" PVC but any size will do depending on your cooking needs. I got a 12' piece though I only needed to make 7 of them. Too bad I forgot to take a picture before I cut them into 10" pieces.
* 2 end caps (of corresponding pipe size for each ice pack
* PVC glue
*This saw
* Good 'ol H20.
IamGutter6 months ago

Great Instructable!! Can you please tell me where you got the flat end caps? I like the look of them and they seem to fit a cooler better than the rounded caps, which is all I can seem to find. Thanks!

kinda confusing what do you think

Thank you very much for this nice instructables

SparkySolar10 months ago

This is so nice,-

Thank you;


fakum121 year ago

You could also add salt to the water. That will lower the freezing point, increaseing the cooling capacity of the unit. :-)

kreator1 year ago

Just wondering, but would it be any different if you just froze some water bottles

ned103 kreator1 year ago

I think the main difference is that, when the PVC packs thaw, you don't have a cool refreshing clear drink. LoL I've used water bottles for years as freezer packs in my cooler. I've actually had them stay mostly frozen even after 3 days. But that all depends on how often you open the cooler. I've also frozen Gatorade and other flavored, non-carbonated, drinks. I'm going to make some of these PVC ones though, and use a combination of both the water bottles and these.

Thank you Annie!
AnnieMcD1 year ago
Ingenious! I actually liked your first saw, reminded me of my granddads farm. Sounds like a good idea for hot sleepless Australian summer nights. Think I'll be making a few for the family.