I found a box of Polaroid film that was about 5 years expired. The pictures all came out brown and I couldn't bring myself to throw them away..So I did this!

This is my first instructable so let me know how to improve it.

Step 1: Open Up the Picture

I found the best way to do this is with the BACK SIDE of an exacto knife.

First, flip the picture over and bend the top a little bit. a "bulge" will appear and you can tuck the exacto knife under to loosen it. Do this on both sides. You don't have to pull the side flaps up all the way down to lift the top one.

Once you have the side flaps up, use the knife again to carefully dig under the top flap to make that rise.

Squeeze the sides to pop the Polaroid open.
<h2>i= =love= =it</h2>
Polaroid used to make a printer that used spectra film (slightly wider than the standard 600 most people are familiar with) I had one and used it until they quit updating the driver. I guess at the time it came out color inkjet prints were of a lower quality. People really will believe anything thats on a polaroid.
"Use a photoshopped picture of something impossible. No one argues with Polaroids." Ha ha ha I love this one!!! :D
It's true! they're square and lined with white. That means they're tamper proof.
Oh man, I didn't know it was this hard. I am still trying to make it easier. Well, I haven't tried yet, but I will. Nice job!
looks good!
nice! im gonna have to find a batch of these things:P. +1 rating +1 vote -gamer

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