Picture of Forget Plastic! - Stackable Wooden Boxes

Tired of looking at those ugly plastic boxes? I did, so I made these boxes at Techshop! www.techshop.ws

I made these to organize my socks (lol, I know going a bit OCD here) but I love how it compliments my closet. It's made out of hardwood ply so its lightweight and easy to handle. I also made feet at the bottom so they can stack on top of one another.

Step 1: Design and Cut

Picture of Design and Cut

I made the finger joints much thinner than what people have normally designed laser cut joints. This was an aesthetic choice and during the assembly process, just a bit more care is needed to assemble them. However, once it is all glued up, it has deemed to be pretty sturdy.

Once I had my design ready in Corel Draw, I laser cut this using an Epilog Laser. Take the pieces out and it is ready to stain.... I usually don't think about what I want to stain it until I see the stuff together. If you already know what you want to stain/paint it, it would be easier to stain/paint the whole board before laser cutting.

bandiora1 year ago

great idea! Can you send or share any corel or cad files for cutting the boxes? thnx!

Nice finish! They look pretty.