Forget me not utility apron with timer, sewuseful!

Picture of Forget me not utility apron with timer, sewuseful!
Often when I'm baking, I'll walk away from the kitchen and get started on something else - cleaning, sewing, gardening, napping - while still wearing my apron. This means that I usually can't hear the kitchen timer beeping to signal that my baked goods are ready, so they burn. Boohoo!

I made this little apron with a snap on kitchen timer so no matter where you go around the house with your apron, you will always hear the beep of the timer. Your baking will never be overcooked! I've seen clip on timers but those sometimes fall off or get lost. By using a very secure snap this timer is guaranteed to stay put so you won't have any more excuses for bad cooking. The timer snaps off when it's time to throw the apron in the wash.

This handy utility apron would make a great gift for the busy cook in your life who likes to multi task but also wants to make sure their baking or cooking doesn't burn!

If you like this idea, but would rather bake than sew, you can buy this handy apron from my etsy shop at : http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6451315
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You only need a few supplies for this sewuseful apron!

1 yard of medium weight cotton
needle or sewing machine
fabric pen or pencil
sewing gauge
very strong glue
small kitchen timer

Step 2: Wash and iron fabric

Picture of Wash and iron fabric
To avoid any scary surprises once you get your first stain and have to wash your apron, make sure you wash and iron the fabric before cutting out any pieces.

Step 3: Cutting out the pieces

Picture of Cutting out the pieces
With the wrong side of your fabric facing up, measure and mark a rectangle 20" tall by 38" wide using a yardstick and a fabric pen or pencil. This will be the main apron piece. If you are a taller person or would like a longer apron I would suggest lengthening the piece by 3 to 5" depending on your preference.

Using your yardstick and fabric pen or pencil, cut two apron strings, 2" wide by 36" long.

Once you have marked the fabric, cut it out.
kat492426 years ago
What about sewing on a pocket for the timer? You could also fit your MP3 player in it, which makes housework way more fun.
heatherd336 years ago
Your instructions are so clear! I just bought my first sewing machine, and have no idea how to sew. I think this will be my first project. Thank you!
JanxAngel6 years ago
This is a great instructable! I know I wander off from my cooking all the time, though it's usually only grilled cheese that gets burned... :(