Forget Wires - Jack Hammer Mp3





Introduction: Forget Wires - Jack Hammer Mp3

This Headphone include Mp3 player, forget wires and you can use the headphone for others players or source audio because has a jack for Plug 3.5 mm stereo

Step 1: Ears Protector and Paint

Hi, are anothers instructables friends how make Jakhammer headphone and headphone with mp3, i think have 2 in one with aditional feature a Jack female for 2.5 mm stereo in audio with this you can buy anothers extensions plug to plug for others application and reuse this headphones.

First buy a ears protector:

(im from Chiapas, Mexico and here the cost are around $6 dlls.)

Paint in black mate

Step 2: Circuit

The key in this step is connect a reuse headphone (i have a broken Sony headphone), follow the schematic circuit.

Step 3: Make Holes and Connections

Make hole for put Jack, and for wire shield who connected Left speaker:

Step 4: Velcro

Put on velcro, side Right and the back on mp3 player

Step 5: Short Plug Extension

Make or buy a short plug 3.5 mm stereo:

Step 6: All Together

Ok, here the best part, put all together, the mp3 player, the speakers and plug extension:

(The mp3 is a cheap brand 128 Mb* and sound great)


*(Oops, this mp3 really have 256 mb)



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heres my preliminary version, using remington ear protectors, a coby 1 gig mp3 player, and 5$ headphones from Rite Aid. The sound quality is excellent. My first attempt looks like crap though, so im going to make a new version.

This has been of great help. I was looking for a way to make my JVC HARX700 wireless; now mixing this tutorial with a few Ideas that I have will make my dream come true ;) Thanx man ;)

Thanks for comment, if you make one please share you project. Greetings

Hello, I have a question.... where did u get the wire to connect both speakers ??? did u buy it or did u make it ??? can u post where did u get it or where did u buy the things that u used to make it ???? Thanks... Hola, tengo una pregunta... dond conseguiste el cable para conectar los dos auriculares??? lo compraste o lo hiciste ??? podrias postear donde lo conseguiste o donde compraste las cosas que usaste para hacerlo ??? Gracias...

Hi, the coaxial audio wire(Stereo) and plug 3.5mm connectors buy in electronic shop. The wire have 2 plastic colors red (right audio) and white (left audio) and the common wire shield. Hola los cables y los conectores los compré en una tienda de electrónica, el cable se le conoce como coaxial de audio y es estereo ya que tiene 3 cables en su interior uno con cubierta roja, blanca y el común que es el blindaje. Gracias por tu comentario

que onda carnal ta chido el instructable, voy a hacer esto de ponerle un jack para conectar el cable con mis audifonos pq en 3 semanas e tenido que cambiar 5 veces el cable. namas una preguntota si es stereo vdd? hey dude great instructable!. im gonna do this of adding a jack so i can change the cable easily. cause my headphone's cable has breaked off like 5 times in 3 weeks. i just got a question, the soud is still stereo? cause i'm a little paranoic bout my audio (yeah im an audiophile)

que tal, así es el plug y cable (3 cablecitos) debe ser stereo para conectar tu bocina izquierda y derecha. Thats right, plug and shield wire (3 little wires) have stereo for left and right speaker.

this would be awkard with a psp on your head O__O

yeah, people trying to play games beside your ear.... not cool

I guess necessity is mother of invention, and we all seem to think a like, a few years back, when i was unemployed, i needed something to listen to music and block outside noise, i modified a set of construction noise blockers, I added a pair of earbuds, your idea is better, i will modify mine so that the wire can be disconnected