Picture of Forging Links Master Sword - Twilight Princess version
Okay so it's not literally forging because it's made from wood, but it sounds better then making.
I've been meaning to write this Instructable for almost a year after completing my Master Sword back in May 2009, but things have always seemed to get in the way until now.

I've always been a great fan of all of the Zelda games and I knew it was only time before I attempted to make a replica from one of the games.

So in this tutorial I will be showing you the steps I took to produce my Master Sword. I've gone for the sword from Twilight Princess as it's the most detailed Master Sword to date and it looks the best.

Update 27th May 2011
I've begun work on the Hylian Shield. You can follow my progress on my website http://www.jonsprojects.co.uk
I will be creating an Instructable when it's complete.

Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
Sand paper
Sanding blocks
Files and rasps
Set square
Coping saw
Drill with various bits
Craft knife
Dremel (rotary tool) with various bits
Clamps (and lots of them)

Wood glue
Wood filler
Pine strip wood
Spray paint
Enamel paint


So are you going to be making a tutorial on the Scabbard?

goboy31336 months ago

This is really awesome! I'm going to have to try it myself once I start my Link Cosplay!

On a side note, do you have a instructable for the Scabbard? Also, do you know if the sword is Con safe or not? Thanks!

DevonE16 months ago

will u sell that one im interested if so im a big fan of zelda

knexmaster97 months ago

link's master sword in the twilight princess is purple not blue, but good job on it looks good :D

If you look closer, especially those two photos from the painting process taken with a flash on: it is exactly that bluish purple it's supposed to be, it's even metallic! The blue tone is due to this colour being one of the most troubling colours to take proper photos of, especially with cheaper digital cameras. In neon light, it's purple, in sunlight or without flash, blue. It's the same issue with bright red, whether it'd be paint, fabric or wigs. Wavelength of the light reflected by the object, I just say...

Ilionej7 months ago

Hey! (Listen! *lol*)

Firtst of all, thanks for the tutorial! You did some amazing work there!

The only thing I wonder is whether you can easily pull it out/stick it in when you wear scabbard? That's something that always troubled me ever since I saw Link doing this awsome swinging and - bam! Though the lenght just wouldn't allow him to. You know what I mean? Physically impossible. So, in case you managed to, how long is your arm from the middle of your armpit to the middle of your palm?

Greetings, Ilionej =)

Can you please make one of the scabbard because I think it looks awesome
How long would it take to make?
MoFracka10 months ago

im thinkin make a metal blade piece

It's very good u should make a shieth tutorial
gammerguy10 months ago

Man this is amazing!

Sargment11 months ago

He man are you planing on adding a tutorial on how you did the scabbard? because It would be really helpful!

mrdanishman11 months ago
I love the detailing. Could you by any chance, give me the Imperial measurement for the wood?
the_sloot11 months ago
How did you make the scabbard?
samct981 year ago

I can't read the deminsions on the drawing :/

Aiden261 year ago

How come you didn't add the winged hand guard to the blade piece? When you glued on 2 other handles/hand guards to the top and bottom there was an empty space in the middle. Why did you make that separate from the blade?

mhorst1 year ago

How much to sell it for?

kbodie11 year ago

I'm going to be using this tutorial to make myself a sword for next years Anime Central in Chicago, but I'm wondering what you used the basswood for. Its one of the materials listed and i didn't see it used. also what was the thickness of string that you used? Thanks

Jonny1983 (author)  kbodie11 year ago

The basswood was used for the Triforce detailing on the blade.

The string was probably about 2mm thick.

nqtronix made it!1 year ago

I proudly present you my version. I even made the matching hyrule shield.

Your instructions and espscially the dimensions helped me a lot, thank you! Mine might not be as perfekt as yours, but I'm fully satisfied with the outcome. You can't expect more when you rush through the whole process in only 6 days, I had to get my costume ready for use. :P Unfortunatly I had to carry it while the paint wasn't fully dried, so some blue of the guard went off.

Origionally I planed to paint the blade and handle as well, but I thought it would be a shame to cover the nice acorn blade with any paint. I left the handle blank for a better feeling while holding it. I might add a pommel as soon as I have some spare time, but untill then it stays as it is. Appart form that all changes are minimal.

Both, the sword and the shield are base on an arwork from the official Hyrule Historia. For the shield I roughly trace out the pattern on paper by hand (upscaled by ~10x), transfered the individual pieces on wood with different thicknes, cut the parts out and finished them with a dremel, files and sandpaper. The inner parts are coated with 2-3 layers of primer, than either a layer of silver paint or two layers of acrylic paint with a gloss finish. The outer ring was first glued to the board in order to sand level the edge. Primer was applied over the whole board exept the places where the other pieces went later. I masked the ring to paint the inner parts blue, later I did it other way around for the silver. Unfortunatly the blue wasn't completly dry so some stuck at the mask. The shield can be hold by two stripes of artificial leather hot glued to the back (nothing fancy, so no picture).

The only thing left to say is that ist was definitly worth all the efforts I put in it, it looks and feels amazing to hold it.

Today the Master Sword, tomorrow Hyrule :D

member.Jonny1983 Forging-Links-Master-Sword-Twilight-Princess-ver 01.1.jpgmember.Jonny1983 Forging-Links-Master-Sword-Twilight-Princess-ver 01.2.jpgmember.Jonny1983 Forging-Links-Master-Sword-Twilight-Princess-ver 01.3.jpgmember.Jonny1983 Forging-Links-Master-Sword-Twilight-Princess-ver 01.4.jpg
azayas11 year ago
Hi man, awesome job. I don't know if you're still answering this but I have a related question. All I could find in town was pine stripes with 1.4 cm. thickness. Which would be the best way to take it down to 1 cm. like yours? Maybe saw it then sand it? It's 4 mm. not much margin there.
Thanks! The tutorial is amazing!

Run it through a thickness plane - or plane it by hand.

In all honesty though - it would be easier to find the right size board or find two 0.5cm boards and laminate them together with wood (PVA) glue.

oops - just noticed this was 4 months old!

Jake15621 year ago
I started making one but the blade was too thick for the handle so it wouldn't stick, what do I do
Jonny1983 (author)  Jake15621 year ago
Would be good to see a picture of what you mean.

My blade and handle were made from one piece. The handle was then built up so I never encountered this issue.
Roen1061 year ago

I'm curious. Do you actually mean 5mm board? That seems incredibly
thin. Could it be that you meant 5 cm board, with a total width of 10

Fantastic job by the way. Making one myself, which is why I ask about the thickness. You wouldn't happen to have the dimensions (interior and exterior) for the sheath would you?

Jonny1983 (author)  Roen1061 year ago

Think you might be mixing up thickness with width.

If it was a 5cm thick board you'd end up with a fence post as a the blade.

natedoddle1 year ago
If you make the shield then you should do 3 layers. It would go cardboard,wood,cardboard
natedoddle1 year ago
I meant to say I'm
natedoddle1 year ago
Sorry l wrote LM
natedoddle1 year ago
I think LM. Just gonna use ribbon
natedoddle1 year ago
Im gonna try making one my self
Jonny1983 (author)  natedoddle1 year ago

Go for it!

natedoddle1 year ago
What did you use for the stripes on the handle?:D
Jonny1983 (author)  natedoddle1 year ago
The stripes are made from cut up tennis racket strapping.
DaveNJ1 year ago
Outstanding job!
patbking1 year ago
When will you create instructions for the scabbard and shield
sorry I accidentally posted my last comment 3 times
I know this might sound like a hard long project but can you make instructions on how to make the sword out of metal please
I know this might sound like a hard long project but can you make instructions on how to make the sword out of metal please
I know this might sound like a hard long project but can you make instructions on how to make the sword out of metal please
dragoon15092 years ago
what color paints did you use for the sword?
16lundgcodm2 years ago
Make an instructable for the scabbard too!!!
rittersport2 years ago
Dude! That's SICK!!!!!
bill3frafra2 years ago
how much do they cost?
You could easily make replicas of your sword without lifting a finger. If people were really interested you should look into having them machined. They can make it out of any material you wanted, resin, plastic, metal, etc. Way less than $60 a piece.
Jonny1983 (author)  burning_empire3 years ago
What sort of company would I need to find to do that? I'll see if I can find one in the UK.
I don't know anything about companies that do that, but if you still have the sword you could use it to make a mold and then use the mold to make copies. They would still have to be painted but that could be a pretty easy way to duplicate and sell them.
Actually the UK is the central hub for effects shops, and movie companies that fabricate props and practical effects.

You can look up local CNC machine shops.
Dylan973 years ago
Hey man you did great quick question how did you make the diamond
fozzy133 years ago
I like what you did with the Intro picture.
Nick705873 years ago
This is awesome.. I've always wanted to make a decorative Master Sword (from Ocarina) and Hyrulian shield to hang in my gaming area. You have inspired me to give it a try. Good work.
Jonny1983 (author)  Nick705873 years ago
Yeah, I plan on doing that once I complete the shield. Have the sword behind the shield going diagonally.
Maybe some lights mounted behind to may it appear to glow :D
megaduty3 years ago
Well done! This is an important ible because "Its dangerous to go alone".
Jonny1983 (author)  megaduty3 years ago
You never know what bad guys you'll run into :D
That is awesome! Wonderful job and amazing details!
Jonny1983 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thanks a lot, I'll be putting up a Hylian Shield one once it's done.
You gotta have a complete set ;)
Now all you have to do is take it to a CNC machine shop and have them make replicas for you. You are on your way to having a fun and great business
makendo3 years ago
Great work! If you shaped the handle with rasp alone, you have a great eye and real patience, kudos. Thanks for the plans and all the build details.
About how expensive was this to make?
Jonny1983 (author)  uberplatypus3 years ago
This was actually fairly cheap to make. Most of the money went on paints.
Probably looking at £40 max.
ummmmm..... could you convert that into dollars
Jonny1983 (author)  mcumings3 years ago
You're probably look at about 60bucks to make
crap.... i am like 11, where am i gonna get that kind of money?... u said most of it was paint, and you cold save alot of money buy going to the local hazardous waste disposal center. you can get a whole cardboard box full of spray paints and acrylics for free. its awesome
darklink173 years ago
if you can build it with wider wings it would be perfect
i agree with jonny, the wings are the right proportions
Jonny1983 (author)  darklink173 years ago
I think the wings are pretty well proportioned.
jazz143 years ago
How did you make the sheath? I have a master sword I want to buy or make a sheath for, but am not very good with those kind of things. Quick explanation?
Jonny1983 (author)  jazz143 years ago
It's basically a wooden box, built around the outside of the sword. Lined with felt so it won't damage the blade when you slide it in and out.
Hugecat223 years ago
Can you reload the master sword plans the webpage you put up doesn't work.
Jonny1983 (author)  Hugecat223 years ago
Thanks for the heads up, I've updated the URL to the image.

junwoo183 years ago
Are you thinking of making and selling your swords?
Jonny1983 (author)  junwoo183 years ago
I will not be making anymore of these, but I still do have this one and could be tempted to sell it if a buyer would meet my price.
how much? :P
Jonny1983 (author)  junwoo183 years ago
I'm not going to advertise it, if you're truly interested then PM me.
Jequila3 years ago
Thanks for the tut, I'm going to give it a go :) What bit do I use in the dremel at step 7? Or is there any alternate way so I can avoid buying one? Thanks.
Jonny1983 (author)  Jequila3 years ago
I used a sanding drum styled bit. You could potentially use a file, it would just take a long time. Or a chisel if you have good control.
Would oak or poplar be a good wood to use? I can't find anything but plywood for pine and i don't especially like plywood. Any suggestions?
Jonny1983 (author)  LudiInvalidi3 years ago
I've never really used either, but Poplar looks to be the better match of the two.
shadowsike3 years ago
your website doesnt seem to work plz fix it
Jonny1983 (author)  shadowsike3 years ago
I forgot I had a link in the Instructable, thanks for the heads up.
All sorted.
MansionMan3 years ago
Do you have a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a matching sheath for that sword?

Like this one?:
Koizito3 years ago
So I suppose that the middle piece is about 1 cm thick (since you laminated 2 pieces of pine with 5 mm each), but are the other pieces of the handle of the same thickness? Because if they are, you didn't follow the plans you had in a previous step, since you only got a handle with 3 cm, tops, and the plans show that you should have a handle with about 3.6cm.

In the end, what I want to know is what did you do here precisely and, if you didn't follow the plans, does the sword feel confortable when you hold it?
tliterski3 years ago
im just curious if you already put the blade together how did you paint the gold detail?
Jonny1983 (author)  tliterski3 years ago
Simple, gold paint and a steady hand.
curvy773 years ago
very nice. you should try making a true master sword and see how that turns out. maybe make a mold and do a little aluminum melting to start with.
sebgonz3 years ago
This is awesome. I was looking for a Master Sword project to base mine off of, and I think this one will more than suffice. I'm sure my nephew will be very satisfied with the outcome.
craccoon3 years ago
Can you make a step by step thing for the sheath
jylimäki4 years ago
Wow. This is very cool. I were going to make one to a cosplay event using therse instructions, but I'm not sure can I do it as good as this one is done, as the translating can already be hard on some steps.
Jonny1983 (author)  jylimäki4 years ago
Thanks for the comment. I'd always encourage people to give it a go, you may surprise yourself.
Yeah, no matter how it may end up, I'll try anyway. One negative thing is that we don't have an actual storage or anything where I could work in, so I'll need to do the wooden parts in school's technical hours.
Lowney4 years ago
This is the second best Master Sword replica I've ever seen. The first being an actual blade made by a professional blacksmith (for £1,800). But this is still amazing. Well done sir, I salute you! I can only guess that everyone at the office was asleep when this was published...I would have featured it and given it a permanent spot on the homepage if I was in charge!
Jonny1983 (author)  Lowney4 years ago
Thanks a lot for the great comment.
You should check out my website link in my profile, I'm in the process of makign the shield.
will do
mhorst4 years ago
If you made one how much would you sell it for?
hpfreak215 years ago
 Wow, this is gorgeous. Well done. Did you build your own sheath too?
Jonny1983 (author)  hpfreak215 years ago
Yup, didn't take any pictures on that though. It was very rushed.
 Got any tips on how to make it? Did you layer it like you did to build the sword? cause that's the only way I can think of to make it so that the sword will fit.
Jonny1983 (author)  hpfreak215 years ago
Yup, I used the box method. Lay out a piece for the bottom, lay the sword on top and measure up some side pieces and top piece.
Add a few millimeters to the sides to make sure the inside isn't too tight.

I also added some felt to the inside so it's nice and smooth for the sword to slip into. And also so it wouldn't scratch the blade.

Then I used more basswood on the outside for the detailing.
the only downside is that it doesnt make the "SHING" sound when you draw it LOL
was going to ask about the sheath, but hpfreak21 beat me to it, great tutorial, not a massive Zelda fan myself but i bet this could serve as a great guide to making any replica sword :)
 Great! Thank you!
Dumchicken4 years ago
um its not called the master sword in twilight princess its called the ordon sword.
You start out with the Ordon sword which is rough steel and brown leather but you do find the master sword much later in the story line. This is a beautiful example of it.
Jonny1983 (author)  AgentG4 years ago
Quite right AgentG. It's vastly superior to the Ordon Sword.
True and it works well in the temple of time against those lizard things and when you defeat them stand still right after you beat them and press (A)
now i know i beet the game back in january
builderkidj4 years ago
I was recently on your blog and which pepakura file is it a link would come in handy and can you make a link to this instructable in pdf format plz?

Jonny1983 (author)  builderkidj4 years ago
I've edited the post called "New Project". It now has a link to where I got the files.

This instructable should be downloadable in PDF by default shouldn't it?
Thank you and no I dont have pro membership...Thinking about it besides My uncle got this for me and i'm 11 how old are you?
Jonny1983 (author)  builderkidj4 years ago
The Pep files are attaches to the posts the only way you can get them is to register. Registration is free, so just do it.

You shouldn't need pro instructables membership to download PDFs.
Its a pro membership benifit and it wont let me sign up an if i signed up just for that id have an account thats not being used...
By the way can you make a instructable for the sheath to hold us all over till the shield please it looks beutiful.
How did you get it cuz i'm not a member are you if so can you(Sorry about the tons of favors) download the file and go directly to the you have dowloaded page and if not can I use you section 16 account plz i would be greatful.
builderkidj4 years ago
I wish they(nintendo) would make a n64 remake pak for wii with a n64 controller for wii with tons of n64 games that are AWESOME
builderkidj4 years ago
I got this game on wednesday.
Jonny1983 (author) 4 years ago
I'm in the process of making the Hylian Shield, which I'll make an Instructable for once done.
You can follow my progress on my website, links in my profile.
builderkidj4 years ago
Do you still have it?
Jonny1983 (author)  builderkidj4 years ago
I still have the sword yes.
I was think recently of makign the sheild and then making a nice wall mount to display them together. With the sword diagonally behind the sheild.
Cool! I'm going to attempt to make the Master Sword out of metal but I cant find how to make a scabbard howd you do yours?
builderkidj4 years ago
I think this looks terrific but some more detaled measurements like something i can print out
Jonny1983 (author)  builderkidj4 years ago
Unfortunatly I no longer have the blueprints I drew. I'll have a dig around later to see if I can find a better quality image than the one on Step 2.
ok fine with me take as long as time you need but no longer than after skyward sword comes out or the wii 2
Or maybe templates

p.s:This dezerves to be in the best of instuctables vol. 2
builderkidj4 years ago
(Removed by teh epic duck)

What? I can do it too ya know
jamesalex554 years ago
Is this easy to make because I love the idea but whenever I've tried whittling/carving at scouts I've been really rubbish at it. Oh and what sort of weight is it because I'd like a sort of sword I could swing at people.
Jonny1983 (author)  jamesalex554 years ago
Well I used files to remove material at the edges and a dremel to remove material on the inside. Even if you make mistakes they're easy to fix with wood filler.
Have a go, it may take a while but the outcome is worth it.
Dumchicken4 years ago
(removed by bomb sqad
supernerd554 years ago
do you have an enlarged view of the wings/ triforce area? I cant read alot of the measurements.
VincentDA4 years ago
How much did this cost to make?

Maybe I'll commission you to make me one, since I'm too lazy to do it myself. :P
Appollo645 years ago
I'm working on making my own master sword, but I'm not sure about the demensions. How long overall, blade length, blade width, guard width/height, and hilt width/length was your sword?
Jonny1983 (author)  Appollo645 years ago
If you check Step 2, you'll find a picture with a lot of the dimensions I used.
That helps a lot, but what was the thickness of everything?
Jonny1983 (author)  Appollo645 years ago
The thickness was double the strip pine thickness as I laminated two pieces together. So I'd say it was about 10mm thick, as I think it was 5mm thick pine.
Iridium75 years ago
This is just perfect. My woodshop teacher told me I can make anything I want. Whoohoo!
Koelker125 years ago
You sir, are awesome. This instructable is amazing. I'm going to begin building one myself soon, and I was wondering if you got the pine from a store like Lowes or Home Depot. Also, ever consider making a shield to match?
Jonny1983 (author)  Koelker125 years ago
I live in the UK, we don't have those stores. I got it from a store called WIckes which i'm guessing is like Home Depot. I'll probably make the shield in the future, I already know exactly how I'm going to make it. It's just a matter of doing it, but for now my Iron Man Mark VI is taking priority. Check out my blog for future developments: http://www.jonnysreplicas.com/
Wickes, it,s got our name on it.
Oh alright, thanks man
Also, how many hours did you put into this?
Jonny1983 (author)  Koelker125 years ago
I'd say a good 50-60 hours at least. It's a labor of love.
linxou5 years ago
excuze me but what is the wite stuff on it
Jonny1983 (author)  linxou5 years ago
Not sure which white stuff you are talking about, both the wood filler and primer were white.
How did you go about drawing the the designs? Did you have tools help you or did you do it all by hand? My main concern being the top part of the hilt and getting both sides to be symetrical.
Jonny1983 (author)  Aqueous_Snake5 years ago
I was lucky enough to have a plate which was almost a perfect fit. I used this to draw all my curves.
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
hey dude ive been using this pic to make a knex master sword, then i covered the handle with blue tape and the blade with silver it is so cool, i used metallic silver tape so its all hard and shiny but it bends a little
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
Dude this is sick
Jonny1983 (author)  FFVIIBOY5 years ago
Thank you very much :D
Your Welcome! i only have legend of Zelda phantom hourglass but you can play the VERY FIRST LEGEND OF ZELDA game here nintendo8.com/game/810/legend_of_zelda/
 already played the game on the NES. Ganon was a dissapointment for me. Battle was too quick.
also congradulations on makin my 50th reply
sorry i meant 500th reply :D
Cool but dude, do NOT go to the Link (no pun intended) i gave you cuz u cant save on that site i played all day and then lost all my data then i found a site were i can save but someone saved over m file, eventually i downloaded it on my computer, now i can download any NES game :D